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Know the Importance and History of Hindi on World Hindi Day (Diwas) 2022


World Hindi Day 2022: As everyone is curious to learn other languages, one must not forget the importance of the Hindi language. Annually, January 10 is observed as World Hindi Day or World Hindi Diwas. It is celebrated to make people aware about the importance and necessity of the Hindi language. There are several languages spoken Worldwide and these are different in all regions. The aim of this day is to make Hindi popular worldwide.

The first World Hindi Conference was inaugurated by First Lady Prime Minister Indira Gandhi. Various countries such as Mauritius, the United Kingdom, Trinidad and Tobago, and the United States of America have organized the World Hindi Conference in 1975. World Hindi Day was celebrated for the first time on 10 January, 2006 by former Prime Minister Dr Manmohan Singh and since then 10 January is celebrated as a special day to promote it as a global language.

World Hindi Day 2022: Highlights

  • This year’s World Hindi Day 2022 is on Monday, January 10, 2022.
  • Hindi is one of India’s most widely spoken languages.
  • Former Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh celebrated the first World Hindi Day in 2006.
  • Hindi is regarded as the mother tongue.
  • World Hindi Conferences was first held on January 10, 1975 in Nagpur, India.
  • The goal of spreading and promoting Hindi as a global language.

History of the World Hindi Language Day

Around the globe, every year 10 January is observed as World Hindi Day. We have become so obsessed with English that it has made the journey of Hindi language difficult. Indian embassies and officials celebrate this day by describing the importance of the Hindi language. This started in 1975 at the World Hindi Conferences. 

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The first time it was celebrated was on 10 January, 1975 in Nagpur, India. That time, it was inaugurated by the then Prime Minister of India, Indira Gandhi. There were 122 delegates from 30 countries present at the event. 

Some Unknown Facts About Hindi Language

  • Hindi is an Indo-European language
  • Hindi is spoken by 366 million people around the world
  • Hindi language is the 4th most spoken language in the world after Chinese, Spanish and English
  •  English has borrowed several words from Hindi language such as Karma, Loot, Pyjamas, Avatar and many more
  • Hindi words are written and pronounced exactly the same

Theme of World Hindi Day

The theme of World Hindi Day (World Hindi Diwas) is to use it widely to make it the people’s language. The aim is to make people aware about Hindi language and make it a future language.

Article 120: Language to be used in Parliament

Notwithstanding anything in part XVII, but subject to the provisions of article 348, business in Parliament shall be transacted in Hindi or in English.

Article 210: Language to be used in the Legislature

Notwithstanding anything in part XVII, but subject to the provisions of article 348, business in the Legislature of a State shall be transacted in the official language or languages of the State or in Hindi or in English.

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Article 343: Official Language of the Union

The official language of the Union shall be in Devnagari script.

Article 344: It shall be the duty of Commission to make recommendations to the President as to-

  • The progressive use of the Hindi language for the official purposes of the Union
  • Restrictions on the use of the English language for all or any of the official purposes of the Union 

Quotes on World Hindi Day (Diwas) 2022

  • Hindi is the simplest source of expression of our Nation
  • Hindi ka sammaan kre, aao hum is mridu bhasha ka gungaan kare
  • Honoring Hindi is all about honoring our mother tongue
  • One must not be ashamed to speak Hindi
  • Hindi is the soul of Indian Culture
  • Hindi is the medium to express our thoughts

The Importance of Satguru/ True Guru Is More Than Anything

Language is the medium to express our thoughts, share ideas and help us to communicate better. The Supreme God is the only one who understands each language. He is the only one who can understand the language of animals, birds and humans. Taking Refuge of a True Saint is the most important thing that everyone should do.

Language Is a Medium to Express Our Thoughts and Ideas

One cannot express one’s emotions and ideas clearly if one is not familiar with the native language of any country. Similarly, in order to give direction to our life and to get rid of 84 lakh births, one must take refuge in a True Saint or Satguru because True devotion given by Him connects us to the Supreme Power.

Who Is the True Saint at present?

At present, Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj is the only True Saint Who is providing authenticated devotion mentioned in the Holy Scriptures such as The Quran Sharif, The Bible, The Bhagavad Gita, The Shri Guru Granth Sahib ji and others. 

The Tatvgyan of our holy books is rewritten in a book named “Gyan Ganga” available in Hindi as well as in Punjabi, Urdu, English, Marathi and many other languages. This is the main reason that in this era (Kalyug), God has made all people educated so that they can know about the Real One Supreme God and the true Naam (devotion) given By Him which helps all beings to attain Moksha.

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