World Cancer Day 2021: Adopt Sat Bhakti and Say Bye to Cancer Forever

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World Cancer Day 2021: World Cancer Day is an International event observed annually. The basic meaning of celebrating this day is bringing in awareness about the disease, encouraging people and reducing the global impact of cancer.

But along with highlighting the prevention, there is a need to highlight the solution of the problem as well. Sat Bhakti or True Devotion given to us by Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj is the easiest, fastest method to cure any sort of cancer on any stage. So, on this World Cancer Day, let us adopt True Devotion and say bye to cancer forever. 

World Cancer Day 2021: Key Points

  • World Cancer Day happens to be on 4th February every year. 
  • This day aims at delivering right information about cancer to most of the people and thus developing awareness. 
  • The first ever World Cancer Day was celebrated in the year 2000 at the World Summit Against Cancer held at Paris. 
  • World Cancer Day was initiated by Union for International Cancer Control (UICC). 
  • World Cancer Day 2021 theme is ‘I am and I will’. 
  • Cancer is now curable, True Devotion or Sat Bhakti of the Supreme God Kabir is the treatment of every such life threatening disease. 
  • Sat Bhakti is being given to us by Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj, the only true representative of Supreme God Kabir on this planet Earth.
  •  He is proving this through His various disciples that True Devotion can be the remedy of any such life threatening disease. 

What Is World Cancer Day? 

World Cancer Day 2021: World Cancer Day is an international worldwide event celebrated annually on 4th of February. It is an initiative led by Union for International Cancer Control (UICC) for unifying the entire globe in making awareness about the types of cancer, its causes and thus urging everyone to take precautionary measures for preventing it. 

What Is the Theme of World Cancer Day 2021? 

World Cancer Day 2021: This year’s theme on the World Cancer Day is ‘I am and I will’. This is the last year of the 3-year campaign with this theme. 

In 2019 UICC started a 3 year theme (2019-2021) campaign on this theme which aims at opposing the negative attitude of people about cancer that nothing can be done about the disease. And contrary to this encouraging the people on individual levels too and personal efforts and their importance in highlighting the need of prevention. 

What Is the History of World Cancer Day? 

World Cancer Day first came into existence in the year 2000 at the World Cancer Summit held in Paris. This day was initiated by UICC observing the rapid rise in the deaths caused by cancer. 

It has been observed that one out of six people dies from cancer which is way more than the combination of HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria. And every year almost 9 million people lost their lives from cancer. Thus arises a need to make people educated about the do’s and dont’s in order to save them from cancer. 

What Is Done on World Cancer Day? 

World Cancer Day 2021: Every year various activities are organised by the concerned organisations at local, national and at international level in order to spread more and more information about the deadly disease. 

With over 900 activities taking place in over 100 countries every year gathering of communities and individuals in schools, hospitals, colleges, public places, parks, community halls, over streets, etc and sharing information about prevention and control of the disease is done.

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Along with this in the past few years, some cities have started an initiative to lit up important landmarks in blue and orange to show their support for the day.  55 landmarks in 37 cities have participated in the cause. Moreover a dedicated hashtag #WorldCancerDay is also a trending topic on twitter so as to make awareness through social media platform as well. 

Cancer Is Now Curable: Sat Bhakti Is the Solution

World Cancer Day 2021: Spirituality has always had an upper hand over scientific ways. And has been proved a solution in case of curing cancer, on any stage of identifying its detection. 

By doing Sat Bhakti of the Supreme God  Kabir by the recitation of mantras in accordance with Holy Scriptures, one can get relieved from any sort of deadly disease. It is one of the easiest and the fastest way to get cured. Cancer is not the only one, diseases like HIV/AIDS, Ebola virus, and other such deadly diseases are just like a walk in the park for a devotee doing Sat Bhakti wholeheartedly as per Lord Kabir. 

Who Can Help Us Cure Cancer? 

World Cancer Day 2021: Currently, Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj from the holy land of Haryana, India is one and only true representative of Supreme God Kabir present on this planet earth. And, He is giving us the recitation of mantras as per Holy Scriptures. 

Along with this He is guaranteeing that Sat Bhakti (the true mantras) can cure any of your deadly disease including cancer if a devotee abides by the rules given by Him. Whereas His real motive is attaining Supreme God Kabir and providing salvation to the devotee (to take our souls to our eternal abode Satyalok), curing any such disease like cancer is just a byproduct of Sat Bhakti. 

Can Recitation of Mantras Really Cure Cancer? 

World Cancer Day 2021: In a world of such advance technology, it is very hard for a common man to believe that with just only recitation of mantras the problem of cancer can end, which is a headache for mankind uptill now. But it is true and has been proven.

Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj has been proving this from years now, through His disciples that Sat Bhakti can be the remedy to any sort of problem. So on this World Cancer day, let us adopt Sat Bhakti by taking Naam Diksha (Initiation) from Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj and remove cancer from its roots.

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