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Women’s Marriage Age in India 2021: Minimum Age of Marriage of Girls Will Increase to 21 Years


Women’s Marriage Age in India 2021: The demand for raising the age of marriage of girls was being made for a long time. The cabinet has approved to make the minimum age of marriage for boys and girls the same i.e. 21 years. The existing law will be amended now to give it a legal form. For this, the central government will present a proposal in the Parliament. The most important thing is that if this law is made then this rule will be applicable to all religions.

Women’s Marriage Age in India 2021: Key Highlights

  • The Union Cabinet approved a bill on Wednesday to raise the age of girls for marriage to 21 years.
  • The change in the Prohibition of Child Marriage Act (PCMA) is considered a good step for girls. 
  • The amendments in Prohibition of Child Marriage Act (PCMA), 2006 is for bringing uniformity in age of both men and women.
  • Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj is already doing several works for uplifting the condition of women in India.

Modi’s Remarks About the Increase in Girls’ Marriage Age 

The government is making sure to bring changes to the Prohibition of Child Marriage Act, Special Marriage Act, and the Hindu Marriage Act to bring the plan into action.

“This government is constantly concerned about the health of daughters and sisters. To save the daughters from malnutrition, it is necessary that they’re married at the right age,” the Prime Minister had said.

Decision Taken After Talks With Women Representatives

Women’s Marriage Age in India 2021: The 10-member task force consulted eminent scholars, legal experts and leaders of civil society organizations. They also interacted with the women representatives of the country through webinars. The same task force gave its report to NITI Aayog in December 2020. The task force itself suggested that the age of marriage of girls should be 21 years. This step of the government will benefit more than 4.5 crore girls of the country. According to the census conducted in 2011, there are about 1 crore 29 lakh girls of the age of 18 years in the country.

As per the recent survey conducted by National Family Health, it is revealed that 56% of the girls marry between 18 to 21. This percentage in the age group 18 -19 is almost 7.5 % more in rural areas than urban areas. While, overall, from 18 to 21 age group, the percentage of getting married is 56. The above figures really are a matter of concern as it is believed that girls who marry at a very young age face severe problems in pregnancy and in later ages.

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Because the young girls are not healthy enough to face such issues, that increases the Maternal Mortality Rate, Infant Mortality Rate. Thus, this step is considered a good move keeping the girls’ health and the infants’ health in mind. Also, the rise in the legal age of marriage has been raised for gender equality by providing equal opportunities in education and later in getting jobs to have a secured career. Moreover, Girls would be mentally prepared to step into a new life after marriage.

Change in the Age of Marriage After 43 Years

This change in the age of marriage in the country is being done after 43 years. Earlier this change was done in 1978. Then the Sharda Act of 1929 was amended and the age of marriage was changed from 15 to 18 years.

What Does the Task Force Committee Do?

The task force was set up in June 2020, headed by Ms. Jaya Jaitley, the former chief of the Samata Party. Its work was to review the legal age of marriage for women considering the accurate age of entering motherhood. Its task was also to inspect the correlation of age of marriage and motherhood with health and nutritional status of mothers and infants.

What Is the Opinion of Sociologists ?

Women’s Marriage Age in India 2021: Sociologists believe that due to the lower age of marriage, girls become mothers at an early age, which has a very bad effect on the health of the mother and child. Being married at an early age increases the mortality rate and infant mortality rate of the girl child. Getting married at an early age also affects the education and standard of living of girls.

The Registrar General and Census Commissioner of India Report

According to a 2018 report by the Registrar General and Census Commissioner of India, 2.3 percent of girls in the country are married before they reach the age of 18. In this regard, the condition of the villages of the country is worse than that of the cities.

Women’s Marriage Age in India 2021: Figures of Child Marriage

The figures of child marriage are increasing continuously. According to the National Crime Records Bureau, 785 cases of child marriage were registered in the year 2020. This figure was 50 percent more than the year 2019.

Opponents of This Amendment Act

There are many who are against this change, especially Muslim MLA’s. They argue that the girl’s age should not be more than 18 years. 

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MLA Abu Azmi alleged that the Government is raising the age of marriage only to hide the wrongful activities being done to women in the name of several schemes particularly Beti Bachao Beti Padhao. The government is just diverting the minds of the public from Corruption, Malnutrition, Inflation and so on.

“The government is unable to fulfill the requirements of a girl child, that’s why they are doing this. First control forceful marriages. Girls have their own will to decide” Royden Roach, Political Analyst

“This step is a very welcome step for many reasons. Article 15 also says that there should be no discrimination on the basis of caste, creed or gender” Subuhi Khan, Advocate & Activist.

Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj Brought Lost Respect of Women

In the present era, although people have become educated, moral values are not seen anywhere. It has become the root cause of many wrongful activities such as female foeticide, dowry system, inhuman activities against women and many more.

There are several other works that need to be done for the betterment of girls and Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj is contributing a lot from so long. Government policies take a long time to implement but God’s Plans work early. This is what Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj is doing and in His refuge, His followers are creating a society free from evils against women. In order to bring peace in the society, to bring equality, and for the upliftment of women, there is a constant need to implement strict rules to create fear in the minds of people. But in the refuge of true Saint one afraid of doing any illegal activity with women of any age.

Sant Rampal Ji’s devotees do not take dowry and avoid involvement in any such activity and they raise their children without differentiating between them. As a result of which, cases of female foeticide and dowry tortures are decreasing in society. Now because of the teachings of Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj women are getting their respect again as they are no longer considered a burden.

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  1. सरकार एक बात भूल रही है की लड़कियों की उम्र 21 हो तभी शादी हो लेकिन उससे पहले ही लड़कियां अपने मां बाप को नीचा दिखाने का कार्य कर बैठती है बॉलीवुड के बढ़ते प्रभाव के कारण 12 से 13 वर्ष की लड़कियां ही गलत कदम उठा लेती है और लड़को के साथ भाग जाति है जिससे समाज मे उन लड़कियों के मां बाप को नीचा देखना पड़ता है और कई मां बाप तो आत्महत्या तक कर लेते हैं
    इसलिए मेरे हिसाब से तो 18 वर्ष कम नहीं है!
    बाल विवाह को रोकने के लिए सख्त कानून बनाए गए हैं उनके उपर अमल करना चाहिए न कि 18 से बड़ाकर 21 वर्ष और सबसे पहले तो सरकार को इन अश्लील फिल्म इंडस्ट्री पर रोक लगानी चाहिए!


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