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Siblings Day 2022: A Relationship That Lasts Till The End of Eternity?


Siblings Day 2022: Every year on April 10th, sibling day is commemorated. The day commemorates the ultimate bond of brothers and sisters. A sibling is a blessing of God, whether a brother & sister or twin brother & sister. The bond between siblings has been irreplaceable since childhood.

Siblings Day 2022: Highlights

  • Every year, Siblings Day is celebrated on the 10th of April.
  • This day was founded back in 1995 by a lady named Claudia Evart.
  • The date of April 10 was chosen because it was also Evart’s late sister Lisette’s birthday.
  • This day is not recognized globally but is still observed in many nations including India.
  • Use the hashtag #NationalSiblingsDay to join the conversation about it.

History of Siblings Day

Claudia Evart, the founder of the Siblings Day Foundation, lost both her siblings Alan and Lisette when they were young. The day was founded by her in 1995. The date of April 10 was chosen to honor and celebrate the importance of siblings because it was also Evart’s late sister Lisette’s birthday. The Siblings Day Foundation aims to have the day recognized on a national level. Claudia’s organization is also working with the United Nations to establish an International Siblings Day.

Significance of Siblings Day

Siblings are an important and integral part of one’s life, and we often forget to express our feelings about them. Every year, India commemorates Siblings Day with Raksha Bandhan, in which sisters tie a rakhi or band around their brother’s wrist. The purpose of the day is to honor and value the presence of siblings in a person’s life. 

The bond with them is the world’s most extreme level of support, healthy, and reliable relationship. This relationship molds you as a person, protects you when you’re in danger, and solidifies your outlook on life. The day is observed all over the world, including in India, Canada, and the United Nations.

The Siblings Day foundation Aims to Get the Day Recognized

Unfortunately, federal governments do not recognize the Day, so it is not necessarily a national holiday. As a result, you’ll have to get up and go to work as if it were any other day. That is not, however, a reason not to rejoice. You can always take time out of your busy schedule to spend quality time with your siblings.

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The organization behind Siblings Day has also put in a lot of effort to get this important holiday recognized. Claudia Evart invented the holiday to commemorate the lives of her younger sister and brother who died when they were still young. We don’t get to see our siblings very often, especially as we get older. Participate in National Siblings Day and show your appreciation for your sibling. Use the hashtag #NationalSiblingsDay to join the conversation about siblings’ day.

Siblings Day 2022: Relationships & Family are Like Copassengers in a Train

No matter how much love is there between brothers, sisters, friends, and family; everyone has to die and leave everything behind one day. It is a hard and fast rule that we fear the most. All the memories, bonds, and relationships which we’ve built our entire life get washed away in just a few moments. Our loved ones leave us one after the other and even we’ll have to die when the time comes. 

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This is not our real family. In every life, we get a new family. While suffering in 8.4 million types of lives we get a different family in each life which is not everlasting. These temporary relationships and family members are like the passengers on a train. One will leave the others when his/her station arrives. Our journey with them is temporary just like with the other passengers in our compartment.

Families Live Together till the End of Eternity In Satlok

Satlok is the ultimate eternal place where everything is available in unlimited quantity. People do not have to suffer from the grief of old age or death there as there is no birth and death in Satlok. Everyone gets to live happily forever with their siblings and family. 

One will have to perform the True Worship of Supreme God Kabir Saheb Ji after taking Naam Initiation from Complete Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj. Salvation and Satlok can only be attained by performing spiritual practices based on the holy scriptures (books) of all the religions. Follow this link to download the Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj App and get answers to your every spiritual question.

Siblings Day 2022 Quotes

  • Almighty God Kabir is our ultimate Mother, Father, Brother, and Friend.
  • All Humans are our brothers and sisters and it is our responsibility to respect and honour them.
  • Even death can’t part siblings in the Eternal Abode ‘Satlok’.
  • We don’t get to choose our Siblings, they’re a God’s Gift to us, as we are to them.
  • Siblings are our only enemy that we can’t live without.

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