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Shradh 2020 (Pitru Paksha): Shradh Karma Against Hindu Scriptures


Shradh 2020 (Pitru Paksha): It is time for Shradh Paksha. According to the brahman community these days Shradh Karma is performed with reverence for their dead family members and ancestors. Shradh karma is performed according to the dates. Every date of Shradh has its own significance for them.

Shradh 2020 (Pitra Paksha) Date India

Shradh 2020 (Pitra Paksha) began on Tuesday, 1 September, and ends on Thursday, 17 September.

What is Pitru Paksha (Shradh Ritual)?

Shradh 2020: As per Hindu mythology, Shradh is considered an important ceremony which is performed to express gratitude towards the dead member of the family. It is performed with several rituals. Mostly the males of the family perform all the rituals since it is believed that they are the descendants and have the right to perform all these rites. The first annual death anniversary is observed by a Shradh ceremony. However, this observance is not mentioned in our Holy Scriptures.

Etymological Meaning of Shradh

The Sanskrit word Sradhdha is made up of two words ‘Srat’ and ‘DhA’. The word ‘Srat’ means ‘truth’ from the root ‘rt’ meaning truth from the heart. ‘Dha’ is a root word meaning support, place etc.

Thus, the combined meaning of Shradh is performing an act or ritual with absolute faith. But unfortunately, our scriptures are against it. Shradh karma is completely an arbitrary ritual.

How the Shradh Ceremony is Performed?

Shradh 2020 (Pitra Paksha): On this day, numerous activities are performed. The Brahmans are invited to pay homage to the ancestors. Also, the priests are given ‘Dakshina’ along with a great deal of foodstuff. Various other activities are also done namely Pindadan, Tarpan, Feeding the Brahmin (Brahman bhoj), animals and birds.

Significance of Shradh 2020 (Pitra Paksha)

Nowadays, it has become a trend to perform Shradh in Hindu religion. This is only because the priests (pandits) are befooling people in the name of compulsory religious activities. Since it has now become their business from where they earn a huge amount.

However, it merely is a myth and not the fact that by Shradh one can feed and make his ancestors happy after death. It is done with a belief that it nourishes, protects, and supports the spirits of the dead in their pilgrimage which entirely is a false statement. In our holy books, it is mentioned that those who perform Shradh can never attain Moksha (Salvation). Moreover, he (the performer) will go to his ancestors and himself cannot attain salvation.

Some of the people who carry out Shradh are also those who didn’t love their parents while they were alive, there is no meaning of showing kindness after their parent’s death. Saint Gareeb Das Maharaj Ji also explains in his Verses about this showing off;

“Jeevat baap gail lattham lattha, muye gung punchiya,
Aur jab aawe aasoj ka mahina, kouvaa baap bnaiya”.

Shradh 2020 (Pitru Paksha): Why Shradh Should not be Performed?

Shradh 2020 (Pitra Paksha): Performing Shradh after the death of the father, grandfather, or great grandfather, father in law, mother, mother in law or any other senior member of the family is believed to be one of the most important rituals in India. Unfortunately, innocent people are befooled by the pandits as they make them believe that in this way only they pacify the soul of their ancestors. Also, it is believed that by doing this, those who are dead, their soul would not harm any of the family members and they will live with peace and harmony.

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However, performing Shradh is entirely opposite to our scriptures. Nowhere it is mentioned that by doing these rituals, one can calm down the soul of his ancestors. On the contrary, it is mentioned in holy book Gita Ji that those who perform these rituals will never attain salvation.

Reality of Shradh According to the Scriptures?

  • About Shradh (Pitra puja), it is mentioned in Gita Ji chapter 9 Shlok 25

Yanti, devvrtaH, devan, pitrn, yanti, pitrvrtaH,
Bhootani, Yanti, bhootejyaH, yanti, madhyajinH, api, mam.


This shlok clearly explains that the Worshippers of gods go to gods, worshippers of pitras go to pitras, worshippers of ghosts go to ghosts, and the devotees who worship according to the scriptures are benefitted by me alone.

According to Samved Mantra no. 1400 Utarchik Adhyay no. 12 Khand no. 3 Shlok no. 5, it is evident that instead of guiding the devotees towards the true path of the way of worship of Supreme God (Kabir Sahib Ji), clever people (fake Saints, pandits) misguide people to carry out the worship of others. For example, ghost-worship, Pitra worship, carrying out shraadhs, worship of the Three Gunas (Rajgun, Brahma, Satgun-Vishnu, Tamgun-Shankar) and worship of Brahm Kaal and way of worship in the temple, mosque, Gurudwaras, churches,
places of pilgrimage and keeping fasts, all are against our scriptures.

vastra samanyavasaano mahaan’ kavirnivachnani shansan’ |
Aavachyasv chamvoH pooymano vichakshano jagrvirdevveetau

Besides this, Gita Ji chapter no.16 verse no. 23 explains by performing man-made rituals that are against our scriptures, a devotee can neither attain salvation nor happiness.

YaH, shastrvidhim’, utsrjya, vartte, kamkaratH, na, saH,
Siddhim’, avapnoti, na, sukham’, na, paraam’, gatim’.

Bandichhor Garibdas Ji Maharaj Ji and Kabir Sahib Ji Maharaj Ji also say,

“Garib, bhoot ramae so bhoot hai, Dev ramae so Dev |
Ram ramae so Ram hai, suno sakal sur bhev ||”

It can be easily understood by taking the example of ‘Law of attraction’. Law of attraction says that you attract what you think about. To be more precise, if one worships the deities (who themselves are not free from the cycle of taking birth), he will go to heaven, if he worships his ancestors he will certainly go there after his death. And if someone worships the Supreme God (the immortal and omnipotent Kabir Sahib), he undoubtedly will go to Satlok ( our eternal home).

Therefore, one should do bhakti of that Parmeshwar (Purna Parmatma/ Supreme God), from whom you will attain Complete Salvation. That God is Purna Brahm / SatPurush or Sat Kabir Sahib Ji.

Thus, it is concluded from the above-mentioned verses that one should perform the rites mentioned in our scriptures and not the man-made artificial rites in order to achieve the satisfaction of doing something for the dead loved ones and for their Salvation.

Shradh 2020 (Pitru Paksha): How Salvation can be Achieved?

Attaining Salvation is impossible without going in the shelter of a true Guru. Since people are now educated and somewhere have become aware that they have been befooled by pandits for so long. Majority are now finding and have the zeal in them to know how Salvation can be achieved.

Shradh 2020 (Pitra Paksha) Special Video by SA News Channel

Although many practices are followed by people of different cultures, these are not according to our scriptures. One should do the practices mentioned in our scriptures. As in every scripture such as Gita Ji, Bible, Quran, Shri Guru Granth Sahib Ji, the evidences about Kabir Sahib Ji as the Omnipotent Supreme Power can be seen. And telling people about attaining Salvation is not everyone’s cup of tea. This can only be told by the one who himself has the in-depth knowledge of all holy books. He is that only true Saint.

Gita Ji chapter no. 18 verse no. 62 says;

“Tamev sharnM gachchh sarvbhaven bharat |
Tatprsadatparam shantiM sthanM prapyasi shashvatam’ .

These lines explain that one should take the refuge of only that Supreme God. By the Grace of that Supreme God, one will attain Supreme Peace and will attain the eternal Supreme state.

Gita chapter no. 15 verse no. 4 says that after attaining the refuge of Supreme God, human beings would not return to the world, and from whom this ancient creation -nature/Srishti has extended.

TatH, padam’, tat’, parimargitvyam’, yasmin’, gataaH, na, nivartanti, bhooyH,
Tam’, ev, ch, aadhyam’, purusham’, prpadhye, yatH, prvrttiH, prsrta, puraani

Therefore, one should find who is the true Saint who would help us to attain Salvation by reciting the mantras mentioned in our scriptures.

Description of true saint in Accordance to the Scriptures

Garibdas Ji gave the description of the true Saint telling that the true Saint will be a complete knower of all the religious texts.

Satguru ke lakshan kahoon, madhure baen vinod
Chaar ved shat shastr, kahae athaara bodh.

Yajurved Adhyay 19 Mantra 25 says that the true Saint would reveal the hidden meaning of the mantras in our scriptures. And he is none other than Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj who explained the mantras.

Arddh richaeH ukthanm′ roopam′ padaeH aapnoti nividH.
PrnvaeH shastranam′ roopam′ paysa somH aapyate

Thus, one should take the refuge of a true Saint. Because the devotee then will not fall in the trap of 84 lakh life-forms. It is also mentioned in a shlok:-

Je Satguru ki sangat krte sakal karm kat jahin,
Amarpuri par aasan hote jhan dhoop n Chhain.

Who is the True Saint at Present?

In the present scenario, there are numerous Saints but no one decoded the coded mantras mentioned in our scriptures. While Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj not only has decoded the coded religious texts but also have complete knowledge of all the religious books.

Also, His devotees are not involved in any arbitrary conduct. By taking initiation from Sant Rampal Ji, it is definite to attain Salvation because He provides the true devotion mentioned in our scriptures. So, without wasting your time in performing fake worship rituals, take initiation from Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj.

It is important to do devotion while alive, you will understand this only on listening to Discourses of Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj. It is better to renounce fake worship ideas and hypocrisy as soon as possible and start doing true worship to attain Salvation in this birth.

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