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Facts Check #2: Sant Rampal Ji Will Be Acquitted in More Cases but How Will the Media Acquit in God’s Court?


The irresponsible TRP hungry media does not understand that once a news is published and read by the majority of innocent people it develops a wrong perception about people in the news. If the news is wrong and due to prejudice then the society incurs huge long lasting loss. The media, the government, the judiciary combined did not make the loss of Enlightened Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj but of society who became fearful in speaking the truth. 


  • Sant Rampal Ji & followers got acquitted in many cases
  • The irresponsible media published fake news without substance
  • The media, the government, the judiciary combinedly made loss of society
  • The innocent people on powerful post don’t know the trap of Kaal Brahm 
  • Learn Sat-Gyan and adopt Sat-Bhakti from Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj  

Land Fraud Case

Sant Rampal ji along with two followers Rajender and Ravinder Dhaka were wrongly convicted in the fraud case of property registration in 2006. They were respectfully acquitted by court of law on 1st May 2018. The case was completely false, but the judiciary took 12 years to do justice.

Saint Rampal JI News About Land Fraud Case

The matter is related to the registration of nearly 3.5 acres in the name of Bandi-Chhod Bhakti-Mukti Trust which ran the Satlok Ashram at Karontha village in the district.

In 2003, Satlok Ashram was built in Karontha village. In 2006, Kamla Devi, who was a co-owner of the property, had claimed the land had been registered in the name of the trust/ashram deceitfully by producing some other woman in her name.

An FIR was lodged against nine persons, including Sant Rampal ji, Rajender, Ravinder Dhaka, Satyadev, Krishan Nambardar, Rubina, Krishna, Rajender and one other person in the matter on the woman’s complaint.

The court of Additional Chief Judicial Magistrate Harish Goyal acquitted four persons Sant Rampal ji, Rajender (son of Lekh Ram), Ravinder Dhaka and Krishan Nambardar, and held Rubina, Krishna and Rajender Singh (son of Sahab Singh) guilty. All three of them had an important role in the creation of a fake registry of land.

Case for Obstructing the Government Officials in Discharge of Government Duty

The case was registered against Sant Rampal ji and his followers under the FIR no 426, for hampering the Government officer performing his duty.

The sections imposed under this case were 186 (voluntarily obstructing public servant in discharge of his public function), 332 (voluntarily causing hurt to prevent public servant from his duty) and 353 (Assault or cause criminal force to deter a public servant from discharging his duty).

Case for Rioting and Wrongful Confinement

The case was registered under FIR No 427 against Sant Rampal ji and his followers Purshotam Dass, Raj Kumar, Mohinder Singh, Rajender Singh, Rahul and 30-40 other persons.  The charges imposed were rioting, unlawful assembly and wrongfully confining any person.

The complaint was filed under IPC section 147 (Rioting), 149 (Unlawful assembly, every other member of such assembly shall be guilty of the offence), 188 (disobedient to an order duly promulgated by a public servant) and 342 (Wrongfully confining any person).

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On 29th August 2017, Sant Rampal ji and His followers were acquitted from the false charges imposed under FIR 426 & 427 as per the verdict given by Mukesh Kumar, Judicial Magistrate Hisar court.

Case for Hurting the Religious Sentiments

Sant Rampal ji and His 13 followers were convicted for hurting the religious sentiments by distributing the spiritual books. The case was registered under FIR no 201.

The court of Additional District and session Judge has discharged Sant Rampal ji in this case.

A Worldly Power Is Behind This Blame Game

The master of twenty-one Brahmands Kaal Brahm/ Jyoti Niranjan makes few media houses as scapegoats. The poor media people do not realize that they are loading sin deeds in their account and will pay for it in the same life or next lives by taking birth in lower species. There is no limit to how long the poor unaware souls will be away from human life. Only human life gives scope to escape from the captivity of Kaal Brahm. The same is true for the pious souls who are acting as judges, advocates, police, government officers and last but not least the political leaders.

Some Pious Souls Realized the Sat-Gyan From The Saint in Jail Too

One significant aspect should be noted by the readers. There were some people who used to think negatively about Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj but got an opportunity to come in His close touch. They could realize that the Sant is extraordinarily enlightened. Many of such people changed their perception about Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj. Rather many of them accepted Him as Satguru and took Naam Diksha. They are now plucking the flowers of happiness from Sat-Bhakti. 

What Should the Unaware Souls Do?

The unaware people must understand the purpose of human life. They should forget their present occupation and the fame/ powers from it. Because everything they own now may be name, fame, qualification, occupations, powers are all temporary and will not go with them. Only their karmas will be carried forward and decide their next life after death. They may achieve lower species for infinite lives as punishment. These poor souls should read the literature prepared by Sant Ramapl Ji Maharaj. They should also listen to the sermons of the great Sant without seeing His present position in Hisar Jail.

The sermons are available at Satlok Ashram YouTube channel. Having realized the Eternal Truth the pious souls should consider taking the refuge of Tatvdarshi Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj and take initiation (Naam Diksha) from Him. They should practice the Sat-Bhakti and follow all rules and fulfil the purpose of human life by attaining Salvation. The souls will become pure and will get placed at the Eternal Abode where Satpurush Kabir Saheb dwells. They will not remain in the cycle of death and birth and will not have sufferings anymore. 

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