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Myths & Reality About the Kabir Sahib’s Manifestation

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Kabir Saheb appeared on a lotus flower in Lahartara pond outside the city of Kashi (Varanasi). The Lahartara Pond is present even today, which gives evidence of the appearance of Kabir Saheb, where today a huge ashram (temple) has also been built. It is wrong to say that Kabir Saheb Ji appeared in Maghar or was found at any other place or in a flower basket. These are legends that have no proof anywhere. The speech of Kabir Saheb Ji in Agam Nigam Bodh in Sukshma Veda proves that He appeared on a lotus flower in a pond in Kashi. From there a childless couple named Neeru and Neema took God Kabir Ji in infant form home.

Manifestation of Kabir Saheb Ji: Key Points

  • Kabir Saheb Ji appeared on a Lotus Flower in the LaharTara Pond, Kashi.
  • Childless couple Neeru & Neema took Kabir Saheb Ji from the LaharTara Pond.
  • Rishi Ashtanand Ji witnessed the manifestation of Kabir Saheb Ji.
  • Neeru & Neema were forcefully converted to Muslims by the Muslim community of Kashi.
  • Neeru & Neema started working as weavers as a part of their livelihood.

Myths About Kabir Saheb Ji’s Birth

It is believed that Kabir Saheb Ji took birth from a widow who left Him somewhere in Kashi. From there childless couple Neeru and Neema took Him home. Other legends and Myths like Kabir Saheb Ji appearing in Maghar or being found at any other place or in a flower basket are also completely absurd. Let us know about the reality with complete proof and evidence from our Holy Scriptures.

Who Were Neeru-Neema?

Both Neeru and Neema belonged to the Brahmin caste and their real names were Gauri Shankar and Saraswati. They used to worship Lord Shiva as their deity. Gauri Shankar used to narrate the glory of Lord Shiva to the devotees from the Shiva Purana selflessly and free of cost. He was such a virtuous soul that if someone gave him Dakshina by themself, he used to keep only as much from that as required for his food and used to spend the rest on Bhandara (Organising a common meal). 

Gauri Shankar and Saraswati Were Forcefully Converted to Muslim

Other selfish brahmins were jealous of Gauri Shankar and Saraswati because Gauri Shankar used to narrate Shiv Puran without charging any money. He did not mislead the devotees in the greed of money, due to which he remained worthy of praise. From there the Muslims came to know that no Hindu Brahmin was in support of Gauri Shankar and Saraswati. They took advantage of the situation and converted them to Muslims forcefully. Muslims sprinkled their water all over their house & clothes and also put some in their mouths. By taking advantage of the situation Hindu Brahmins also announced everywhere that Gauri Shankar and Sarawati had become Muslims and prohibited them from taking bath in the Ganga river in Kashi. 

Gauri Shankar and Saraswati were rendered helpless. The Muslims retained the names Neeru for the man and Neema for the woman. Previously, whatever donation they received was used to support their livelihood, and no money was misappropriated. They used to donate in religious Bhandara the remaining money. Now even the donations were stopped. They thought, “What work shall we do now?” They set up a hand-mill and began working as weavers. They used to spend the remaining money in Bhandara after they had met their basic needs. The Hindu Brahmins had forbidden Neeru-Neema from bathing in the Ganga for being converted into Islam. 

Kabir Saheb Ji Appeared on a Lotus Flower in Lahartara Pond

The Ganga’s water, splashing through waves, used to fill a large pond called LaharTara in Kashi. It used to be filled with pristine water. It had lotus flowers growing in it. In 1398 A.D. Vikrami Samvat 1455, on a full moon day in the month of Jyestha May-June, in Brahma-Muhurta (Approximately 1 and half hours before sunrise), Parmeshwar Kabir (KavirDev), acquiring a child form, became seated on a lotus flower in LaharTara pond in Kashi city.

Neeru and Neema were going to the same pond early in the morning to take a bath in Brahma-Muhurta. A very bright mass of light (Parmeshwar Kabir Ji had appeared in the form of a child with a very bright body; due to the distance, it appeared only as a mass of light) came from Satlok and became contained in the lotus flower, causing the entire LaharTara pond to glisten, before disappearing in one corner.

Rishi Ashtanand Ji Became the Eye Witness of Kabir Saheb’s Manifestation

Rishi Ashtanand Ji, one of Ramanand Ji’s disciples, witnessed this spectacle firsthand. Every day, Astanand Ji would go to a solitary location to take a bath. Sitting there, he would do Jaap of the mantra that Gurudev had given him and enjoy nature. When Swami Ashtanand Ji saw such a bright light that it dazzled his eyes, Rishi Ji wondered if it was a result of my bhakti or a deception. Thinking about this, he went to his Gurudev to inquire about the reason.

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Ashtanand Ji asked, “Oh Gurudev, respected Ramanand Ji! Today I saw a light that I had never seen before in my life.” He narrated the entire story about a mass of light coming from the sky. “My eyes couldn’t take the brightness when I saw it. As a result, I closed my eyes and saw a child’s form. (Just as looking at the sun makes only a ball visible, looking at the child makes the child visible.) Was this a result of my bhakti or a vision problem?”

Swami Ramanand Ji replied, “Son, when incarnations come from the upper Loks, such signs occur. They will appear at someone’s home, take birth as a child from a mother, and then perform Leela.” Because these Rishis only have this much knowledge that one can only take birth from a mother. The Rishi resolved his disciple’s doubt based on whatever knowledge he had.

Neeru-Neema Were Childless Couples

Neeru and Neema planned to bathe on the same day. Despite their conversion to Islam, they couldn’t forget their heartfelt sadhna of Shiv Ji that they performed for so many years. “Oh God Shiv!” Neema prayed to God as she walked, “Have you run out of children for us? Even if you had only given us one child, our lives would have been successful.” She burst into tears as she said this. Neeru, her husband, said, “It is beneficial for Neema to remain happy in God’s will. Neeru said, If you continue to cry like this, your body will weaken and you will lose your sight. There isn’t a child in our destinies.”

Neema Found Kabir Saheb Ji on a Lotus Flower

They arrived at Lahartara pond while saying this. It was a little gloomy. Neema emerged from her bath and changed her clothes. Neeru walked into the pond and began bathing by diving into the water. The darkness had cleared by the time Neema returned to wash the cloth she had worn while bathing. The sun was about to rise. Something was moving on a lotus flower in front of Neema in the pond. God Kabir, in the form of a child, had one toe in His mouth and the other foot moving.

Neema initially thought it was a snake that was approaching her husband. Then she realised it was a child. On a lotus flower, a child! She immediately shouted, “Watch out! The child would drown!” Neeru remarked, “You fool, you’ve gone insane for children. You now see a child in the water as well.” “Yes, look in front on the lotus flower,” Neema said. Neeru was influenced by her hushed voice and saw what she was pointing to: a child lying on a lotus flower in the form of a newborn baby. Neeru brought the child along with the flower to Neema. Neema was cuddling Parmeshwar, who had appeared in the form of a child, and was praising and praying to god Shiv, saying, “Oh God, you have fulfilled my desire that I have had for years, I had just called out from the heart today, and you have heard me.” 

The Ultimate Glory of the Divine Child Kabir

That Kabir Parmeshwar, whose name causes a special thrilling sensation in our hearts, whose love causes hair to stand on end and the soul to be moved, the mother who would have embraced and loved Him like a child, the happiness she would have felt, is unfathomable. Like a mother loves her child, she kissed Him on the face now and then, cuddled Him at other times, and kept looking at His face.

The Argument on Whether to Take Child Kabir Home or Not

Meanwhile, Neeru emerged from his bath. He calculated, ‘We have no special affection for Muslims and that Hindu Brahmins despise us. Because we didn’t have any companions, the Muslims took advantage of this and converted us to Islam. Now, if we take this child, people will ask, “Can you tell us who the parents of this child are?” You’ve kidnapped someone’s child. I’m sure his mother is crying. What will we say or how will we respond? Nobody would believe us if we told them we discovered him on a lotus flower.’

Neeru thought about it and said to Neema, “Leave this child here alone.” “I can’t leave this child,” replied Neema. “I will give my life instead; however, I will die in agony. Who knows what kind of spell this kid has casted on me? I’m not going to leave him. I can even take exile for this child,” Neema said. Neeru thought she’d gone insane. 

Neeru-Neema Decided to Take Child Kabir 

Neeru said to Neema, “Till date I have never disregarded you, because we did not have any children. I accepted whatever you said. But today, I’m not going to listen to you. Either you keep this child here only or I’ll slap you.” For the first time, that great man had raised his hand to slap his wife. God Kabir (KavirDev) who had appeared in the form of an infant at that very moment said, “Neeru, take me home. You will not have any difficulties.” Neeru was terrified that this child might be an angel or a Siddh person, and that “I would get into trouble if I disobey.” He began walking quietly and Neema followed him. They took the child home with them.

Evidence of Kabir Saheb Ji’s Incarnation

From the Parakh Ke Ang of Holy Amargranth, the collection of nectar Words uttered by Saint Garibdas Ji:

Garib chaurasi bandhan katein, Kinhi kalp Kabir | 

Bhavan chautrdash lok sab, Tutein jam janjeer || 376 || 

Garib, anant koti brahmand mein, Bandichhod Kahaye | 

So to Ek Kabir Hai, Janni janya na maay || 377 ||

Garib, Shabd Swaroop Sahib Dhani, Shabd sindh sab maahi || 

Bahar bhitar rami rahya, Jahan tahan sab thaahi || 378 ||

Garib, Jal thal pruthvi gagan mein, Bahar bhitar Ek | 

Purn Brahm Kabir Hai, Avigat Purush Alekh || 379 ||

Garib, Sevak hokar utrein, Is pruthvi ke maahi | 

Jiv udharan Jagatguru, Baar baar bali jaahi || 380 ||

Garib, Kashipuri kast kiya, Utre Udhar Adhaar | 

Moman koon mujra huva, Jungle mein deedaar || 381 ||

Garib, Koti kiran shish bhan sudhi, Aasan adhar bimaan | 

Parsat Purn Brahm koon, Shital pindaru praan || 382 ||

Garib, Gaud liya mukh choombi kari, Hame Roop Jalkant | 

Jagar magar kaaya karein, Damke padam ananat || 383 ||

This following speech of Kabir Sahib ji in Agam Nigam Bodh in the Holy Kabir Sagar also proves that He appeared on a lotus flower in a pond in Kashi:

Avadhoo avigat se chal aaya, Koi Mera bhed marm nahi paaya ||

Na Mera janam na garbh basera, Baalak ho dikhalaaya ||

Kashi nagar jal kamal par dera, Tahaan julahe ne paaya ||

The same evidence is also there in Gyan Bodh of Kabir Sagar in Page 29 

Nahin baap na maata jae, Avigat se Ham chal aae |

Kalyug mein kashi chal aae, Jab Hamare tum darshan paye ||

It is proved from the above evidence that Kabir Saheb ji appeared from His native place Satlok on a lotus flower in a pond named Lahartara in the city of Kashi. With this, all the myths and legends about Kabir Saheb ji prove to be absurd and untrue. For more accurate and true information related to the life of Kabir Saheb ji, download the “Sant RampalJi” mobile app from Google Playstore.

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