Pune Porsche Accident: Public Outrage Leads to Bail Cancellation for Juvenile Driver


Pune Porsche Accident: Amidst public backlash on social media, the Juvenile Justice Board (JJB) has canceled the bail of Vedant Agrawal, the 17-year old driver who rammed his father’s Porsche into two individuals on a motorbike, killing both of them on the spot. The fateful incident took place in Kalyani Nagar area of Pune, at around 2.30 am on 19th May 2024. The tragic incident has sent shockwaves across the country after the juvenile was granted bail within 15 hours of the accident. This in-depth coverage highlights the latest developments in this case.

  • A fatal accident occurred in the early hours of 19th May 2024, when a Porsche ran into a motorbike with two riders in Kalyani Nagar, Pune
  • The two bikeriders, identified as Aneesh Awadhia and Ashwini Koshta, were killed instantaneously.
  • The culprit is 17-year old Vedant Agarwal, son of Brahma Realty and Infrastructure owner Vishal Agarwal.
  • As the appaling details of the unfortunate incident unfolded, the offender not possessing a driver’s license and the car not being registered were deemed outrageous by the public.
  • Immediately after the incident, eyewitnesses chased the Porsche, as they rushed to help the victims.
  • Videos show people thrashing Vedant and his two friends, as the bodies of the two victims lay lifeless on the road.
  • Despite being detained by the police, report’s emerged that the culprit was treated with pizza in an air-conditioned room.
  • Massive public outrage broke out on social media following Juvenile Justice Board’s decision to grant bail to the culprit merely within 15 hours post the accident. Moreover, the bail conditions of writing a 300-word essay, preparing a presentation, assisting the RTO and studying traffic rules, has not gone down well with the citizens of India.
  • Aghast at the callousness of the judiciary and police officials, the voice of the citizens gathered an instant momentum, forcing a re-look into the decisions taken and the lack of investigation was highlighted.
  • As a result, the JJB has revoked the bail of the accused and remanded him to a rehabilitation centre until 5th June 2024.
  • The absconding father of the accused, Vishal Agarwal, has also been arrested by the police.
  • Following the sessions court trial on 22nd May 2024, Vishal Agarwal and two employees of the pubs visited by Vedant, have been remanded to police custody until 24th May 2024.
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In the early hours of 19th May 2024, a Porsche Taycan collided into a motorbike killing two young software professionals on the spot. The car was driven by 17-year old Vedant Agarwal, son of Brahma Realty and Infrastructure’s owner Vishal Agrawal. CCTV footage of the Porsche crash shows it was speeding when it hit the motorbike from behind, further ramming into the pavement nearby and parked vehicles. The incident took place in the upscale Kalyani Nagar, Pune. 

The police identified the deceased individuals as Aneesh Awadhia and Ashwini Koshta, both 24-year old software engineers originally from Madhya Pradesh. Both were returning from a party that fateful night. 

Pune Porsche Accident: The accused was arrested by the police, only to be released on bail in 15 hours post the horrific accident. Eyewitnesses recorded videos of the scene just minutes after the accident, showing the dead bodies of the two young victims lying on the road.

Vedant Agarwal was driving the vehicle at a speed of 160 kmph without license. The Porsche is neither registered, nor does it have a number plate. He visited a pub along with four friends at 10:40 pm and remained there until 12:30 am. The group moved to another pub and drank further until 2 am. The police have recovered CCTV footage where the accused can be seen drinking.

The speedy bail, circulating videos of the CCTV footage and of the scene post the accident has sparked public outrage on social media, demanding accountability from the Indian judiciary and police likewise.

The Juvenile Justice Board granted bail to the accused hours after the incident ignoring his serious crime. The accused was granted bail on the conditions that he would write a 300 word essay on accidents, paint traffic awareness boards, attend related counseling and work with a traffic constable. Along with this it was given with a money deposit of INR 7500 and a commitment to keep him away from bad company by his grandfather. After committing such a serious crime, the bail conditions were very shocking to the entire nation. 

Even Deputy Chief Minister of Maharashtra Devendra Fadnavis called it “shocking and surprising” and asked for its review. He said to top police officers at the Commissioner’s Office “We feel JJB’s order ended up raising many questions. The board took a lenient view of the matter. The order needs to be reviewed.”

After looking at the seriousness of the crime and the leniency in the bail orders, the bail application was again sent for the review in front of the Board and request was made to take the accused as an adult in the involved case. The police were in favor of the remand of the accused on the condition that he is not safe outside as people will kill him and people will also feel safe as when he is inside. While the defense counsel said that he was suffering from depression and that’s why he fell into drinking and needs her mother’s company and will stay at home. He will fall into depression in remand home, defense counsel claimed.

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The Juvenile canceled the bail order of the 17 year old accused and sent to observation home till June 5th. Before appearing in the court, the police added some more sections against the accused. After section 185 of the Motor Vehicles Act (driven by a drunken person), Section 184 (action against those who violate traffic rules through rash or dangerous driving), Section 119 (age limit in connection with driving of motor vehicles) and Section 177 (general provision for punishment of offenses) have also been added.

The 17 year old teen Vedant Agarwal along with his father Vishal Agarwal has been arrested by the Police. Two days of police custody was given to the father of the accused on Wednesday, Vishal Agarwal who is a real estate developer by profession. According to the Police, Vishal was not cooperating in the investigation process, thus he has been taken into custody for further questioning. 

Pune Porsche Accident: He also tried to mislead police by not sharing his exact location. As he was in Aurangabad, but he claimed himself to be in Shirdi. He was found with a simple, no-frills Nokia phone and a Kia manufactured car which has been taken into police’s possession. Along with these the owner of the pub and the manager there are also arrested. Further, the pub is also ordered to remain closed.

  • The police have booked the juvenile driver under section 185 of the Motor Vehicle Act. Police imposed additional sections before reviewing the case in front of the board after the accused got its initial bail.
  • The juvenile offender’s father, Vishal Agarwal, has been arrested, and an FIR  under Sections 75 and 77 of the Juvenile Justice Act has been registered. Additionally, charges have also been levied against the two pub owners and three staff members for serving alcohol to a minor.

As new disclosures emerge about the Agarwal family, several news agencies reported about the underworld connection of Surendra Kumar Agarwal, grandfather of the accused. A long-standing property dispute with his brother RK Agarwal, prompted Surendra to seek Chota Rajan’s help in order to settle the matter. CBI souces have tracked payments from Surendra’s bank account to the gangster. The case has been under trial since 2021. He also used to go out of the country regarding these payments.

RTO officer Sanjay Bhor confirmed that the vehicle was “delivered from a dealer in Bengaluru”. Despite the approval of registration application from the Pune RTO, a registration number was not granted due to Agarwal’s failure to pay the prescribed fees of INR 1758. In response to the interviewer’s question about Vedant Agarwal’s driving license, the officer affirmed that in such cases the offender cannot procure a driving license until the age of 25 years.

  • Opposition leader from Congress Rahul Gandhi said about the incident “If bus drivers, truck drivers, Ola, Uber, auto drivers accidentally hit someone (in road accidents), face up to 10 years of jail term… However, if a rich family’s 17-year-old drunk son rams his Porsche killing two people, he is asked to write an essay about it. Why aren’t truck and bus drivers asked to write essays,”
  • He further added “(Prime Minister) Narendra Modi was asked about two different Indias being created – one of billionaires, one of poor people. He answers if he should make everyone poor. This is not the question, the question is about justice. Both rich and poor should be served justice, which should be the same for everybody. This is why we (Congress) are fighting (the elections),”
  • Maharashtra Deputy CM Devendra Fadnavis said “Yesterday, Rahul Gandhi released a video on Pune car crash. I believe this is a very low-level attempt to politicise the accident,” Fadnavis told reporters. “Police acted very swiftly in this accident. We have also expressed our astonishment over the order of the Juvenile Justice Board. But, Police have filed an appeal, and the higher court has taken cognisance.”
  • Following the arrest of Vishal Agarwal from Aurangabad, the police sought his custody to investigate the various loopholes in this case.
  • The sessions court accepted this request, remanding Vishal Agarwal into police custody till 24th May 2024. A high-voltage drama ensued as people threw ink on the police van en route to the court.
  • The police will now interrogate the father over three critical questions:
    • 1) Why did he allow his son to drive without a driver’s license?
    • 2) Why was he abscond?
    • 3) Where are his other phones?
  • Additionally, two employees of the pub – Nitesh Shevani and Jayesh Gavkar have also been remanded to police custody until 24th May 2024.
  • The accused will remain in a rehabilitation centre until 5th June 2024.
  • The court has assigned a 30-day deadline for the police to file a chargesheet. The police had also filed a revised application seeking the trial of the accused as an adult and not juvenile. No decision on this aspect has been taken yet.

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Q: Who is the father of the Pune accident accused?

A: Vishal Agarwal 

Q: Who was the Porsche driver?

A: The accused is a 17 year old named Vedant Agarwal 

Q: Which car was in the Pune incident?

A: Porsche Taycan Car

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