July 25, 2024

Pulwama Terror Attack: How we can establish Peace

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Note:- The terms ‘Allah’ and ‘God’ are used interchangeably because these terms indicate the same Power.

The Jaish-e-Mohammad terrorist attack on a convoy of security forces in Pulwama district of Jammu & Kashmir on Thursday at around 3 p.m. left the entire nation grief-stricken. It is considered as the worst terrorist attack of the century as nearly 40 CRPF Jawans have been martyred in the attack. The entire nation was mourning the major terrorist attack.

God Kabir Ji says,
Kabir, ya to mata bhagat jane, ya data ya sur|

Either a mother should reproduce a devotee, a donor, or a shurveer(brave-hearted) who courageously fights against any unjust. Because only those Humans who are endowed with one of these three qualities work for the welfare of Humanity.
Holy Geeta Ji Adhyay 2 Sloka 32 tells that a soldier, martyred in the fight for righteousness, straightway reaches heaven.

Our Jawans have martyred for us. PM Narendra Modi said that their sacrifices “shall not go in vain.” Most of the citizens are demanding revenge for the attack. However, we are not focusing on the true cause and the absolute solution for such terror attacks and, out of ignorance, are acting on our whims. We are underrating the power of Spirituality.

The Root of Terrorism and its Destruction

Ignorance is the root of terrorism. Our Spiritual Leaders, not understanding the deep Spiritual Knowledge mentioned in our Scriptures, impart some baseless hearsay that can neither resolve the doubts of devotee nor can provide her/him any relief from Allah. Because of which, either the devotee loses faith in God or starts acting arbitrarily. Terrorism can’t thus be associated with some specific human bodies.

Also, terrorism is not religious, hence, don’t associate it with any particular religion either. Our Martyrs also include Jawans from the religion of the attackers. Sant Rampal Ji says that only those people are religious who follow the code of “religiousness”. The people who kill other people in the name of religion are not religious.

For the destruction of terrorism:
As discussed above, the root of terrorism is ignorance alone. If we work the most accepted method to end terrorism, i.e. if we kill all terrorists and their associates, we can’t ever establish peace. For violence in return of violence leads to even more violence; it can never lead to peace.

Think about it, there was no terrorist’s group a couple of centuries ago. Then, a “thought” full of ignorance manifested and started producing terrorists. Had the people, in whom this thought manifested, had some knowledge, they would have contemplated that they and the people whom they are targeting are the souls of the same God; how much would it hurt a father seeing his sons fighting? It is a heinous sin to kill a Human Being.

We need to destroy the thought itself that provokes terrorism. Knowledge is the way. Sant Rampal Ji states that however dirty a cloth may become, with the help of soap and water or by dry-cleaning, it can be cleaned like new. Similarly, however dirty a soul may become by incurring sins, God can clean that with the help of Satsang and True Devotion.

Establishing Peace on the Earth

History shows that acquainting themselves with the correct Spiritual knowledge imparted by Supreme God Kabir or His representative Saints, even butchers and prostitutes, abandoning their wrong deeds, have become true devotees of Him.

We need to spread that Supreme Knowledge to establish peace all around. At present, that Knowledge is narrated by Sant Rampal Ji alone. He is the incarnation of Supreme Allah Kabir Himself. The degree of politeness that His sound Spiritual Knowledge exhibits can end the violence on the Earth.

Like, Sant Rampal Ji explains that Allah Kabir says,

Kabir, aavat gari ek hai, ulta hoy anek|
Keh Kabir na ultiyo, va reh ek ki ek||
Kabir, gali hi se upjae, kalah kasht or meech|
Haar chale so Sant hai, laag mare so neech||

If someone hurls abuse on you, don’t abuse him back. Since the person who has abused you, has come fully prepared to fight with you. If you respond him back with the abuses, then God knows how worse the things can get. Someone can even die. Therefore, a devotee should give up and not respond him back. This way, the peace can be established.

It is needless to discuss the protection that God Kabir provides to the soul who walks on the path directed by Him with complete faith. Allah Akbiru says,

Kabira kaahe ko dare, sir par Sirjanhaar|
Hasti chadh dariye nahin, kukar bhuse hajaar||

God is always with his devotee. A devotee, after methodically taking the refuge of Allah, should not fear anything or anyone. Like, a person, mounting on an Elephant, doesn’t fear the dogs barking at him; even if the dogs are thousands in number. Similarly, the devotee, mounting on the Spiritual Knowledge-like Elephant of the Supreme Allah, should not fear the World.

There are hundreds of testimonies of the followers of Sant Rampal Ji available online to make you believe the power of Spirituality. Sant Rampal Ji says that a devotee should neither fear nor fight, but stay firm on the right path of worship with faith; that’s how one experiences the power of Allah.

The aim of Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj Ji is to turn the Earth into Heaven. He is working hard to achieve that. Readers are requested to kindly acquaint yourself with the Spiritual Knowledge told by Sant Rampal Ji. We request the Government of India also, kindly broadcast the Spiritual Discourses of Sant Rampal Ji on every T.V. Channel for an hour daily. We guarantee that the situation of India will improve remarkably. India can again become the “Golden Sparrow” only by treading on the way of worship directed by Sant Rampal Ji. It is the panacea for every problem. The sacrifices of our Jawans should certainly not go in vain. Such attacks should not be repeated. Take the revenge from the ignorance; destroy it completely. Thus, end terrorism. And, then experience the ultimate peace.

Jai Hind!

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