The Path of Serenity explained by Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj


The Path of Serenity: With feelings of jealousy, anger, uneasiness, and fright taking a toll on people’s minds; much needed are some positive thoughts that can enlighten the soul and free it from all such undesired attributes. There are many questions that are to be pondered about, given the short and uncertain span of human life; but life has taken such a downturn, that our thinking abilities have been restricted to a level, short-lived.

In this blog, we would be taking the answers to five such questions that are self-made notions, which confine a person from traveling on the right track.

Question 1: Is suicide, a way out to the problems you face?

Answer: Every single soul, be it a person who lives in rags or in riches; faces boundless problems that can’t ever be summed up! No matter what hospital you have to visit, each is filled with people ailing due to one complication or the other. Not just that, courts are jammed with people; some guilty of an offense and some being thrashed for no reason at all. Moving on to the people who seem happy to others, mental tensions and disharmony at home make a person emotionally unsound and depressed. With financial debts and other problems taking a rise in a person’s life, nobody could assure the solution to these troubles.

The Fake Saints Misleading the Devotees

People go to gurus and occultists, shed out all their hard-earned money but still suffer to an extent that ending life seems the only way out! The fake saints mislead the devotee community by first resorting to all tantrums that can grant no relief, and when all goes in vain, they say that the curse of bad deeds has to be suffered, giving a logic that even Ram and Krishna had to face the sufferings written in their account! The correct answer to this will be provided in the bottom part of the blog. Coming up to the people who think that committing suicide will end their problems; the answer lies in the fact that by doing such a thing, you ended your precious human life, you sure got rid of this human body, but the problems still exist! Have a peek how!

■ The Path of Serenity: A person was facing high trouble due to one reason or the other and as the last resort to end the problems, committed suicide. A phase of problems that he/she was facing earlier in the human life ended, but now begins the never-ending chain of dire pain and sorrow! The soul gets stuck into hell, is tortured in ways that can’t ever be penned down and after facing endless pain, is thrown back on earth in the cover of any of the eighty-four lakh life forms.

The cover could range from a dog to a donkey or even a bacteria! We all can clearly see the troubles that a dog faces, being in search of a morsel every time and can be beaten up by people for no reason at all. Thus, the action that was taken to end the trouble, gets converted into a contradictory incident that is even more disastrous! With the end of one cover, the soul is set to be put in some other cover but the main and most sorrowful thing to be worried about it.

Human life is very precious

It is the promise of Kshr Purush (Kaal) to the Almighty Lord Kabir that every soul, no matter how many bad deeds stand his account, will be granted one human life after completing the cycle of eighty-four lakh life forms. Now, the people who commit suicide have unknowingly done the biggest sin! They ended the precious cover of human life that is aspired even by the gods and goddesses because this is the only cover that can lead a soul to attain salvation, by coming under the refuge of the Real Saint! The curse that the people who themselves end their human life face is that they won’t ever be blessed with the cover of a human being, even after completing the circle of eighty-four lakh life forms. They remain stuck in the vicious cycle of life and death and have no way out to attain salvation!

Mark the below mentioned lines;

Kanchan kaaya naash hove,

Tujhe thok jalai re.

Murakh bhondu baawre,

Ye mukti krai re!  

Meaning: More precious than gold, this human life stands ended and the body gets converted into ashes. Was this the prime motive of your precious life and did your pain really come to an end?!


Take note of these words;

Bina bhajan bail bnoge,

Shukar swaan shariram.

Kaua khar ki deh dhroge,

Mite na ye takseeram!


Meaning: Without the power of true worship, a soul gets stuck in the cover of an ox, pig, dog, cow, donkey and the list goes on! The troubles do not stop at the end of your human life. Therefore, don’t ever think of committing suicide, no matter how tough this human life might seem. The solution to all the problems is now available, that too, without any cost! (discussed in the end). Realizing that human life is the most valued treasure, let’s take up the next aspect that acts as the greatest hindrance in the spiritual, social and ethical path.

Question 2: Are intoxication and meat consumption an act of humans?

Answer: The majority of the population is either involved in the intake of narcotics or the consumption of meat or even both, but are these acts making a trail of some heavily paid sins? Let’s see.

Taking up the first aspect of intoxication, it has actually turned the lives of the people take a dramatic downturn! People who get intoxicated, be it by any means, spoil their own life and play negatively with the lives of people attached with them. A father, who is supposed to take care of his family, gets drunk and thrashes his wife and children! The cigarette smokers pollute the environment and increase the chances of asthmatic attacks for other people too. No matter what type of narcotic a person intakes, he spoils his own body to a great extent. Physical problems surround such a person, with their immune system getting weak with every passing second.

To all the people who think that they wipe off the sorrows from their lives by getting drunk, the reality lies in the fact that you do not sway your problems away; instead these people lose their senses, making them act like demons! Coming on the spiritual part, our body has Chakras on the backbone, wherein the gods and goddesses reside as guests. Whenever a person inhales the smoke, be it by way of a hookah or cigarette, gods and goddesses suffer.

This can be compared to inviting a guest at your place, making them have good food and then dumping and locking them in a room full of smoke! What would that person think about you? Similarly, people worship in ways that please them and then dunk this garbage inside, leading to the result that the gods and goddesses won’t help such a person in times of pain, even if they have the ability to! Also, taking these substances is a heinous sin and the bad deeds get aggravated to a huge extent.

As per the Constitution of God,

Madira peeve kadwa paani,

Sattar janam swaan ke jaani!

Meaning: People who drink alcohol even once, are cursed with 70 consecutive births of a dog. This is due to the fact that they dig inside their body, these bitter and poisonous substances; now they get 70 births of a dog at a stretch, to have bitter substances and the vomit of people as their food! Just give a thought on what will happen with the people, who do not spare a day without these toxins!

Taking up the next topic of consuming the flesh of animals. When an animal gets killed on the roadside, people can’t dare to look at it. Strikingly, the same beautiful creature is ruined by the butcher in a similar fashion and is eaten by humans, acting like demons! Is this the quality of intelligence that people possess?

People who ignorantly say that eating meat is not forbidden should read these words in depth.

■ Holy Bible – Genesis

1:29 – I have provided all kinds of grain and all kinds of fruit for you to eat;
1:30 – but for all the wild animals and for all the birds I have provided grass and leafy plants for food -and it was done.
Conclusion: God has ordered human beings to be vegetarian. Clearly is it mentioned that grains, fruits, and leafy vegetables are provided for everybody to eat! Everything seems impossible these days because our thinking abilities have been deteriorated to a very low extent but previously, even lions used to eat grass and didn’t eat the flesh of others!

Humans should in no case consume the flesh of animals because they are God’s children too. A single bruise gives immense pain to us, think about these creatures whose life is snatched away for the taste of your tongue! They can do nothing but silently cry, the voice of which stands at a pace similar to yours in God’s court. Gone are the days when people used to be empathetic. At least act sympathetically and understand the miseries you’ll have to face by committing this heinous sin.

Note down these lines;

Sura paan mad maansahaari,
Gavan kre bhoge par naari.
Sattar janam katat hai sheesham,
Sakshi Saheb hain jagdeesham

Meaning: Those people who consume meat and do adultery are cursed in a similar way; their life will get ended by decapitating their head from the body. Doing these sins for a single time leads to 70 consecutive happenings of this kind.

Also, people talk about the proteins they get from eating the flesh of animals. In no case can you become healthy, by putting another soul in pain! Coronavirus is the current example that has proved that meat consumption is a heinous sin, which has taken away the lives of so many. Also, as far as the nutritional aspect of a vegetarian diet is concerned, a horse is the most powerful animal and he consumes chickpeas and grass only.

Maans machli khaat hai,

Surapaan se het.

Te narr narak hi jaenge,

Maata pita samet! 

Meaning: Those who eat the flesh of animals or consume narcotics are directly destined to hell, along with their family members, who themselves did the same. When God has provided good food that contains all the nutritional value, why eat the flesh of others?! The reason is that the villain (Kaal) feels immense pleasure in eating the garbage that comes out of a soul who consumed these harmful substances, which is why people feel the urge to do such things that fill their account with bad deeds.

The Path of Serenity Explained: The gods you preach, be it related to any religion, never consumed the flesh of animals as kindness was their supreme trait. Make yourself guilt-free by leaving these habits that lead you to an “all bane” situation. With the modern concept of globalization that took place, let us see how far we have gone with it.

Question 3: Is religion a thing to fight?

Answer: The number of incidents related to religion and caste has been seen, leading to massive bloodshed. On one side, we talk about globalization and on the other hand, those same people fight on the basis of religion! These self-made barriers do act as a hindrance in making people take the correct step.

Today you belong to a particular religion, but what after death? God knows what atrocities you’ll have to face and what religion would you be born in, only in case you get a human life. Talking about animals, what is their religion?! These petty issues should be waved off from your life.

Kahan janme kahan paale pose,

Khoob ladae laad.

Na jaane is deh ke,

Kahan khidenge haad!

Meaning: You take birth at a particular place and are brought up at the same place or some other, wandering in your life. Nobody knows the land, where the bones of this body will be buried after death!

“GOD IS ONE”, so should his children be! We have been separated by the boundaries of caste and religion but we all belong to one native immortal place, “SATLOK”.

Jeev hamari jaati hai,
Maanav dharam hmara.

Hindu, Muslim, Sikh, Isaai,

Koi dharam nahi hai nyaara!

Meaning: Human being is our race, mankind our religion. Hinduism, Islamism, Sikhism and Christianity, there is no separate religion.

Those who mistreat the other person, be it on the basis of religion or any other issue are sowing for themselves, seeds of hatred and sins. Equality will have to be practiced, realizing the fact that this world can become a better place to live if people start living a life full of serenity.

As promised at the beginning of the blog, let’s jump to the solution.

Question 4: What is real happiness and how can it be attained?

Answer: The ultimate happiness can be achieved by attaining the ever joyous and plentiful land of Satlok, which was discussed in the previous blog. There is no old age, no pain and no death at the immortal land, where every soul is treated at par.

The Path of Serenity Explained: As far as our stay in this mortal land is concerned, true happiness can be experienced only by coming under the refuge of the Real Saint, who is none other than Saint Rampal Ji, who has set straight, the tangled path of worship by taking the Holy books of all religions as the base. Salvation is guaranteed and lakhs of people have been granted life extensions with his seamless grace.

In the words of Guru Nanak Dev Ji;

Nanak dukhiya sab sansaar,

Sukhi soi jo naam aadhar!

Meaning: Only the power of true worship can make you truly happy and satisfied. Every other person lives a life full of sorrow. The answer to the fake logic that even gods and goddesses have to suffer the curse of bad deeds lies in the fact that they didn’t come under the shelter of the Real Saint, who alone has the power to strike off all evil deeds and practices! If they would have been under the refuge of the True Saint, as was Guru Nanak Dev Ji, Garibdas Ji and many more; they would have freed themselves from the vicious trap of life and death.

The Path of Serenity

Every deadly disease has a cure in God’s hospital, where the Real Saint acts as the chief doctor; no surgeries take place and problems get eradicated free of cost! The umbrella of the Real Saint is huge enough to stop every problem from entering the life of his disciple.

Note these words;

Koi tann dukhi koi mann dukhi,

Koi dhann bin rhe udaas.

Thode thode sab dukhi,

Sukhi sirf Satguru ke daas!

Meaning: Some people are ailing due to health problems, some are depressed due to mental pressures and others are worried because of financial constraints. Only the disciples of the Real Saint are truly happy, others are sad due to one reason or the other.

Having understood the method of attaining peace and happiness, there is one notion that people frequently say, which would be the last question for this blog.

Question 5: What is the correct age for initiating the much imperative task of true worship?

Answer: We spend our lives planning for the days to come, not realizing the bitter fact that death can knock our door anytime. For getting your life insured, taking initiation from the Real Saint is a mandatory process because only he has unbound power that can grant life extension.

People are found saying that worship is to be done by old people. In the times of adolescence and maturity, the main task is to seek growth in terms of professional and social tasks. They run a blind race wherein they are not able to comprehend the truth that life can end any second.

■ The Path of Serenity: What if you do not reach your sixties or even die when you are just a child! Even if you reach your old age, ask yourself how much worship would you be able to do? Have a look at your old parents and grandparents at home. The body becomes weak and numerous other problems take a toll on their life. Undoubtedly, old age is the most troublesome part of a human’s life.

Bachpan gya jawaani bhi jaegi,

Ghana andhera chaawega.

Vridh awastha garden haale,

Tera sir bhi chakkar khaawega!

Meaning: Childhood has already faded off and youth will also come to an end, making everything seem dull and problematic. The period of old age will commence, giving a number of troubles!

Mann maanja budhapa aawega

Bina bhajan teri hove durgati

Tu pda pda pachtawega!

Meaning: Realise the fact that the rosy days of youth will eventually come to an end. Initiate the most important task of true worship that can end all the pain, otherwise, you’ll be left with nothing, but repentance!

A soul should be brought under the refuge of the Real Saint as soon as a child takes birth so that he/she can be under the protective shelter. Make your children take initiation from Saint Rampal Ji as soon as the child starts speaking and comprehending things, around the age of three.

This treasure should be provided to every soul as soon as possible so that all the troubles that were destined in their life, vanish away. Do not wait for a particular age or accomplishment and begin the much-needed action that can lead to attaining the most pristine state. It’s a saying that, “whenever you wake up, consider it to be a fresh start”. NOW is the time to actually wake up and initiate the most important task.

In the words of Guru Nanak Dev Ji;

Naa jaane kaal ke kar daale,

Kis vidh dhall ja paasa ve.

Jinha de sir te maut khudakdi,

Ohna nu kehda haasa ve!

Meaning: We are busy living in a world where any second can turn the entire thing upside down because Kaal is all geared to put unbound pain in a person’s life. How can we laugh in a world where the horror of death prevails every moment!

Sway these myths and notions miles away, that refrain you from taking the right decision. Get this into your head and heart that this society will be there with you only in good times and the attachment is temporary. Develop the everlasting relationship with God, who is always there with his child, no matter what the situation might be.

The Path of Serenity: God is the last resort for all! Revert this mentality and come under the refuge of Saint Rampal Ji, who is waiting for all his children to understand the prime motive of this priceless human life. After you come under his refuge, nobody will feel like committing suicide because blessings would be showered on him/her every moment. Those who come under his refuge, they automatically leave all evils like intoxication, meat consumption, dowry, bribery, etc. with the power of true words. The potential of spirituality is immense and divine.

Mann neki kar le,

Do din ka mehmaan.

Kaun tumhara sacha saai,

Jhoothi hai ye sakal sagai.

Chalne se pehle sochle bhaai,

Kahan krega vishraam!

Meaning: We all are visitors in this mortal land. The relations that are developed here are fake and short-lived. Get your stay after death booked in the immortal and happy land of Satlok by worshipping correctly!

Lastly, the divine power of God has been told in these lines;

Kaal jo peese peesna,

Jaura hai panihaar.

Ye do asal mazdoor hai,

Mere Satguru ke darbaar!

Meaning: Kaal is the person who grinds things together and death is the water fetcher in God’s kingdom. Both of them are slaves in front of God and respectfully follow his commands!

Do not waste a single moment and get your account rid of bad deeds because Jagatguru Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj has the absolute authority to strike them off. Make your stay in this mortal land fruitful and fly back to the plentiful land. 

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