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Know About the Real Doctor on National Doctor’s Day 2022


Last Updated on 30 June 2022, 1:48 PM IST | National Doctor’s Day is observed on July 1 every year to comprehend the priceless endeavor done by the doctors and to thank them for their honorable service. The 2022 theme is “Family Doctors on the Front Line.” The day is inscribed in honor of former chief minister of West Bengal Dr. Bidhan Chandra Roy, who is reckoned to be one of the great pioneers of the contemporary healthcare structure in India.

National Doctor’s Day 2022 Highlights

  • Doctor’s Day is celebrated to disseminate acknowledgment and gratitude to them
  • IMA celebrated the first National Doctor’s day in July 1991
  • Inscribed in honor of the pioneer of the medical practice in India Dr. Bidhan Chandra Roy
  • Dr. Bidhan Chandra Roy also worked as Chief Minister of West Bengal
  • Doctors ensure that we recover from every illness, disorder, ailment, or syndrome
  • Doctors operate 24X7, leading the fight against Coronavirus
  • A salute to all the medical professionals and the frontline warriors
  • The theme of Doctor’s Day 2022 is “Family Doctors on the Front Line.” 

Doctor’s Day Date & Significance

National Doctor’s Day is celebrated to disseminate acknowledgement and gratitude towards the medical professionals on July 1 every year in India. Doctors have been saving the lives of hundreds of thousands and delivering assistance round the clock.  Though Doctor’s Day is celebrated on different dates around the globe, in the US, it is celebrated on 30th March, in Iran on 23rd August and in Cuba on the 3rd of December. 

However, this year is special due to the COVID-19 pandemic and has been exceptionally difficult for medical professionals. The overwhelming work and commitment of the doctors along with great dedication since the start of the outbreak have been commendable.

National Doctor’s Day History

According to the Indian Medical Association (IMA), National Doctor’s Day 2022 is of prime significance, as it motivates every member of the IMA and the regional branch to put up with a lead in their region. As a means of comprehending doctors’ efforts, IMA celebrated the first National Doctor’s day in the month of July 1991.

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In our country, this day also signifies the death and birth anniversary of Dr. Bidhan Chandra Roy who was one of the most well-known physicians in the nation. The reader should know that Dr. Roy also worked as Chief Minister of West Bengal. This year, the day strives to thank all the medical professionals for their assistance to the fight against the coronavirus outbreak.

Doctor’s Day 2022: Frontline Corona Warriors Day

COVID-19 outbreak has kept the planet in a difficult situation. Doctors, along with other frontline warriors, are relentlessly serving round the clock to put the nation on a halt of spreading the virus. While many of us had not known the significance of doctors in our lives, this pandemic has shown us and made us understand how tremendous the offering of physicians, doctors, and medical professionals is in our community.

Doctor’s Contribution During Coronavirus Outbreak

Words are falling short for expressing gratitude towards the medical professionals on National Doctor’s Day 2022. Doctors and other Medical Professionals are operating 24X7, leading the fight against Coronavirus that has transformed how we look at life now. It is a day to thank all the physicians, doctors, nurses, and other medical professionals who have prioritized their obligation towards the infected more than anything else in their life, by putting their own life at stake. Several medical professionals may have met their families only a few times in the past couple of months.

Commendable Work by the Frontline Warriors

While people are fearing the coronavirus sitting at their residences, and home isolating themselves, the doctors and medical professionals have risked their lives every moment every day to help us, save us, and cure us. We understand that the recovery rate of our country in this pandemic is better than others, because doctors and nurses made this possible.

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Doctors assure and ensure that we recover from every illness, disorder, ailment, or syndrome, and remain robust. A salute to all the medical professionals and the frontline warriors who get out of their households every day, and provide round the clock aids and services to protect and to save our lives from not only the Virus but every other disease out there.

The Day Is Coordinated by IMA

In India, this day is coordinated by the Indian Medical Association (IMA). According to IMA, Doctor’s Day of 2022 is of special significance. Every member of IMA and the local area take a lead in the local neighborhood and try to bring a change in the current situation of the Coronavirus outbreak.

Doctor’s Day 2022 is devoted to the countless doctors and medical professionals who are operating during this pandemic in the minor and major care setups as well as the dedicated COVID care hospitals. On this National Doctor’s Day July 1, 2022, we are bound to respect and honor every selfless doctor and other medical professionals to broaden our contribution to support the warriors.

God Can Do What Doctors Cannot

Medical science and their technocrats whom we call Doctors cannot possibly cure or eradicate every malady, sickness, disease, ailment, disorder, condition, or syndrome and cannot free one from the greatest disease of birth and death forever.

Holy Scriptures of all the religions which are the Holy Bible, Holy Quran Shareef, Holy Vedas, and others state that the Almighty Supreme God is Kabir who can cure any deadly disease and can even expand the lifespan of a true devotee who takes initiation from a True Saint. One can attain Salvation by devoting to the Supreme God Kabir according to the holy scriptures.

Initiation for Complete Cure

In the entire world, only Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj is showing the true devotion of Supreme God Kabir from our holy scriptures. Hundreds of Thousand of disciples of Saint Rampal Ji have freed themselves from deadly diseases like Cancer and HIV-Aids just by practicing true devotion. True devotion can even cure Coronavirus, take Naam Diksha ( initiation) from Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj.

National Doctor’s Day 2022 Quotes

  • “We do not know the warriors, but we owe the warriors”.
  • “Doctors are a map to health and care, respect them, obey them”.
  • “Doctors give up their life to learn how to save ours”.
  • “Remember five best doctors: exercise, diet, nutrition, hygiene, and rest”.
  • “Violence against doctors is violence against mankind and humanity”.

“The Almighty Kabir is the real doctor to cure all worldly disorders”.”Naam Diksha (Initiation) from Enlightened Saint SatGuru Rampal Ji destroys all sinful deeds and bestows Salvation”.

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