Lok Sabha Elections 2024: Phase 6 of 7 Ended with the Countdown of the Result Starting Soon


India is voting in seven phases, Phase 6 took place on Saturday (May 25, 2024), and voting was conducted in seven states and one union territory, covering a total of 58 seats across 57 constituencies and one union territory seat. The results of the Lok Sabha election 2024 will be announced on June 4, determining whether the BJP secures a consecutive term for PM Modi or if the opposition INDIA bloc wins.

  • 62% updated voter turnout in phase 6 polling, less than the year 2019, which was 64.7 per cent, barring the delimited seat of Anantnag-Rajouri seat.
  • Recorded the highest turnout with 80 per cent voter turnout, followed by 63.76 per cent in Jharkhand and 71 per cent in Odisha. 
  • Haryana recorded 62 per cent voter turnout while Delhi recorded 58.3 percent voter turnout.
  • Bihar 55.24 per cent, Uttar Pradesh recorded 54.03 percent.
  • Anantnag Rajouri seat of Jammu and Kashmir recorded 54.46 percent voter turnout, highest since 1984.
  • Thematic booths were also seen at Jamshedpur also.
  • The Election Commission deployed around 11 Lakh polling agents in around 1 Lakh polling stations.
  • These numbers are according to the latest update about approximate voter turnout on Election Commission’s turnout app. Final numbers will be released in the working week.
  • PM Modi said after the end of the sixth phase of voting. ‘NDA’s figures are continuously improving’,
  • Many people uploaded their  ink-marked finger photos on social media after casting their votes for the 6th phase of Lok Sabha elections, in New Delhi, Saturday, May 25, 2024.
  • Elections to 486 of the 543 Lok Sabha seats were over by the end of phase 6 polling on Saturday. The remaining 57 seats will vote in the last phase on June 1. The results of seven phases will be declared on June 4.

In Jharkhand voting was held on four seats – Giridih, Dhanbad, Ranchi and Jamshedpur. After the end of voting, Jharkhand Chief Electoral Officer K Ravi Kumar said, “The voting percentage in Giridih was 65.44 percent. In Dhanbad it was 58.90 percent. In Ranchi it was 58.73 percent. In Jamshedpur it was 66.79 percent.

Jammu and Kashmir Chief Electoral Officer PC Pole said that “the voting process for five Lok Sabha seats of the Union Territory has been completed. He said that till the end of voting, 53 percent voting was recorded in Anantnag-Rajouri Lok Sabha constituency”.

The people of Tapu Majri village boycotted the voting held on Saturday as their long standing demand for a bridge in Yamunanagar, Haryana was not fulfilled. Only two people cast their vote in a village with 550 voters. The villagers said that their demand for construction of a bridge on the Yamuna river has been pending for a long time and is not being paid attention to.

  1. Haryana: All 10 constituencies
  2. Jharkhand: Four of the 14 constituencies
  3. Odisha: Six of total 21 constituencies
  4. Uttar Pradesh: 14 out of total 80 constituencies
  5. Bihar: Eight out of total 40 constituencies
  6. West Bengal: Eight out of total 42 constituencies
  7. Delhi:  All seven constituencies
  8. Jammu and Kashmir:  Anantnag-Rajouri, where polling was actually deferred from Phase 3 to Phase 6 due to bad weather.

In the 2019 elections, the BJP secured 303 seats, and Prime Minister Narendra Modi had set a target of 370 seats for the BJP.

The BJP-led National Democratic Alliance (NDA), seeking a record third term under Prime Minister Narendra Modi, has set a target of winning 400 seats this election. The ruling alliance is challenged by the opposition parties led by the Congress under the banner of the INDIA bloc.

After the sixth phase of voting ended, the Prime Minister said, “I thank all those who have voted in this phase of the 2024 Lok Sabha elections. NDA’s figures seem to be continuously improving. People have realized that Since the I.N.D.I.A alliance is not getting close to power, it is meaningless to vote for it.”

Several prominent dignitaries cast their votes, President Droupadi Murmu, Vice President Jagdeep Dhankhar, Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal, Congress leader Sonia Gandhi, and other notable voters including Union ministers and sports personalities cast their invaluable votes in phase 6. 

Overall Phase 6 of the Lok Sabha elections 2024 on Saturday was marked by good voter engagement, significant political activities, and some minor conflicts. After the 6th phase, the 7th phase will begin on 1st June.

There were special arrangements done in order to enhance the overall voting experience. Pink polling stations were held at Delhi, amenities were also provided like water sprayed coolers, airy and spacious waiting areas with pink sofas and selfie booths were also made. The Election Commission deployed around 11 Lakh polling agents in around 1 Lakh polling stations.

Voting figures show that more voting took place in the areas where the farmers’ movement took place. The maximum impact of the farmers’ movement that took place recently was seen in Sirsa, Ambala and Kurukshetra. Voting has been good at these places. It is believed that farmers have voted bumper here.

  • PM Modi in Bihar : While addressing the public, emphasized on providing social justice and promised about the reservation for the SCs, STs and OBCs.
  • Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal: Criticized the BJP for allegedly misusing investigative agencies and joined forces with Congress to challenge BJP dominance in Delhi.
  • In Kashmir, Mehbooba Mufti protested against the unusual detention of PDP’s polling agents.
  • Mehbooba also alleged that her outgoing calls were barred.
  • There were Issues with EVMs reported in Odisha and in Delhi.
  • BJP representative Pranat Tudu was chased away in the Garbeta village by the villagers
  • The India-Nepal border in Bihar was closed to maintain election security amid Lok Sabha Elections.
  • TMC leader was killed, allegedly by BJP workers one night before the 6th phase of elections in West Bengal.

The results of the Lok Sabha election 2024 will be announced on June 4, determining whether the BJP secures a consecutive term for PM Modi or if the opposition INDIA bloc wins.

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Former Dean of Academic Affairs of Delhi-based Institute of Social Sciences and Maharishi Dayanand University, Rohtak, Prof. Surendra Kumar told that there are two reasons behind the low turnout, one is that there was no enthusiasm among the people like in 2019. In the last elections, issues like nationalism and surgical strikes were prevalent, due to which people went to the polling stations. The second big reason was the heat this time. Especially the sick and elderly have refrained from voting. He told that old trends and researchers said that the result of more or less voting has been mixed. Anyone can gain or lose. It is certain that the results on June 4 may be shocking. The way there was an anti-incumbency wave against the ruling party, it seems that the BJP may have to suffer losses.

  • First polling official will check your name on the voter list and check your ID proof
  • Second polling official will ink your finger, give you a slip and take your signature on a register (Form 17A)
  • You will have to deposit the slip at the third polling official and show your inked finger and then proceed to the polling booth
  • Record your vote by pressing the ballot button opposite the symbol of the candidate of your choice on the Electronic Voting Machine (EVM); You will hear a beep sound
  • Check the slip that appears in the transparent window of the VVPAT machine. The slip with the Candidate serial No., Name and Symbol shall be visible for 7 seconds before it drops in the sealed VVPAT box
  • You can press NOTA, None of the Above, if you don’t like any candidate; it’s the last button on the EVM
  • For more information, please see the Voter Guide on ecisveep.nic.in
  • Mobile phones, cameras or any other gadget is not allowed inside a polling booth.

During the war of Mahabharata, Kaal in the body of Shri Krishna had told Arjuna that do not wish for the result, you have sweets (laddu) in both of your hands because if you win then you will get the kingdom of Hastinapur and if you lose, you will die and then you will go to heaven. In today’s context also, the same things said in the past have the same meaning. When the ruling party has been in power from the last ten years and is confident that on the strength of its work it will get to remain in power for five more years, then there is no need to worry much. The king and his people should pay attention to their deeds and should not wish for the results but should keep doing good deeds so that neither they have to suffer for their sins nor cause pain to anyone through their bad deeds.

Watch a full episode of discourse by Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj on Kaal Brahm and Arjun’s discussion during the war of Mahabharata on Satlok Ashram YouTube Channel. It will help you to decide the better king for the nation and to reduce the sins of an individual.

Till when will the Lok Sabha elections be held?

General elections are being held in India from 19 April to 1 June 2024 in seven phases, to elect all 543 members of the Lok Sabha. The votes will be counted and the results will be declared on 4 June 2024  (Fri, 19 Apr – Sat, 1 Jun 2024).

How to vote in India?

You can vote only if your name appears in the Voter List (also known as Electoral Roll). Voters can also find information on Polling Booths, Contesting candidates, Election Dates & Timings, Identity cards and EVM.

What are the national parties in India 2024?

Six national parties are contesting the 2024 Indian general elections: BJP (Bharatiya Janata Party), INC (Indian National Congress), CPI(M) (Communist Party of India (Marxist)), BSP (Bahujan Samaj Party), NPP (National People’s Party) and AAP (Aam Aadmi Party) with all except the BSP being a part of one of the two.

Who will be the next PM of India in 2024?

New York:  a prominent American executive and expert on India-US relations has said that the “Prime Minister Narendra Modi will win the 2024 general elections by the “largest majority” ever recorded in India’s history”.

Has India grown under BJP?

The Modi government has grown India’s economy. But it has not been as successful in creating employment for the large proportion of India’s labour force who are unskilled and poor. Around 40% of workers remain in agriculture, and only about 20% work in manufacturing jobs or business services such as IT. People are more often found fighting over religion and Unrest and dissatisfaction have increased in India under his rule.

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