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KBC 12 Winner: Kaun Banega Crorepati Running on Sony TV Has Got Its First Millionaire of This Season


KBC 12 Winner Update: KBC show winner Nazia got entangled in the question of 7 crores, quits the show, became the first millionaire of KBC 12. Life is a game and to win this game be a disciple of The Supreme God.

KBC 12 Winner Update highlights

  • This episode of Nazia Naseem in Kaun Banega Crorepati was shot in October itself.
  • It was broadcasted on Wednesday 11 November.
  • Nazia got entangled in the question of 7 crores and quitted the show.
  • Nazia reached Ranchi at her home town two days before airing on Sony TV.
  • She was welcomed by huge crowd here at Birsa Munda Airport.
  • Nazia Nasim gives full credit for her success to her husband and her family.
  • There will be a difference in going from here (after death) whoever does devotion by becoming a devotee of the Supreme Saint will go as a winner.

KBC 12 Winner: Nazia The First Millionaire of 12th Season

Nazia Naseem, a resident of Ranchi and currently Group Manager in Gurgaon’s Royal Enfield, has the distinction of becoming a millionaire by answering 15 questions correctly during the game. However, she could not answer the seven crores question and quitting the game. She won prize money of one crore rupees. Nazia Naseem answered all questions with complete confidence throughout the game and did not use a single lifeline for 11 questions.

Amitabh Promoted Nazia To Use Helpline For 7 Crore Rupees Question

During the game, Bollywood actor Amitabh Bachchan said that this happens rarely when a contestant does not use the lifeline for so many questions. Nazia used LifeLine for the first time in the 12th question.

KBC 12 Winner: Nazia Won A Crore By Answering Which Question?

■ Question – Which of these actress has won the National Film Award for Best Playback Singer?

Options were-

  • Deepika Chikhaliya
  • Roopa Ganguly
  • Nina Gupta
  • Kiran Kher

Correct Answer – Roopa Ganguly

Who is Nazia Naseem, A New Millionaire of the KBC Game Show?

Nazia said that her childhood was spent in Ranchi, the capital of Jharkhand. She told that his father was very supportive and is a Feminist, who supports women a lot, he has also contributed a lot in teaching his wife i.e. Nazia’s mother.

Nazia Has Been Trying To Get Into KBC from 20 Years

Nazia’s parents told that their daughter had been trying to get into Kaun Banega Crorepati since the year 2000. Mobile was not much feasible in those days. Used to go to the telephone booth and match the number to participate in the show. Every time she felt disappointed. Despite this, she did not lose courage. Nazia’s parents also encouraged her.

Nazia’s Parents Wanted Her To Be A Doctor

Nazia’s parents said in an interview that they wanted to make their daughter a doctor. However, her trend was not towards the doctor. She started preparing for competitive examination after passing her graduation exam. During this time, she got selected in Delhi and she went there.

KBC 12’s First Millionaire

Nazia Naseem, the first female millionaire of the 2020 season of Kaun Banega Crorepati, has also taken a Post Graduate Diploma in Advertising and Public Relations from the Indian Institute of Mass Communication (IIMC), the country’s prestigious journalism institute, from 2004-05.

KBC 12 Winner: Digital Auditions Broke All Records

Significantly, for the 12th season of ‘Kaun Banega Crorepati‘, registration was started from 9 May ,2020. After which the registration was started again from 25 June, but it was only for SONYLIV users. This time the audition for KBC 12 was taken digitally due to Coronavirus Pending and broke all the records to date.


For this, you have to download Sony Live app. Through this app you can play the game and every day 10 winners will be given a reward of one lakh rupees. This time the special thing is that you can also play by making a team. You can invite your friends and family members. The score of all the team members will be the total score of the team. Every day a team will also be chosen as the winner, who will be given one lakh rupees.

Audiences Are Not Part of KBC Due To Corona Pandemic

Due to Corona pandemic special care is being taken and to create social distancing in the show. This time the audience are not been a part of the show and the audience poll lifeline has also not been made a part of the show.

Only Losers Will Accumulate the Wealth of This Land

It is the land of Kaal (Jyoti Niranjan) who is the owner of this place (earth including 21 other universes). We are all his slaves. We do what he wants. We are paid here according to our deeds.
To give education to human beings is also a trap of this Kaal. Today, this education is proving to be as useful as it is also keeping us away from our Real Father. If we use this education to fulfill our purpose of being human, then we can win over, otherwise, we will go away like a beggar or a loser.

We all are born with some talent to earn our daily bread but there is something else that we need to do with our human body. The purpose of human Life is to identify God and worship him, accumulate the wealth of worship which will help us to live happily here and after.

Who Does Not Want To Be A Crorepati?

Everyone wants to be a crorepati and to live a luxury life without doing much work which does not seem possible here but there is a place called Satlok where all our needs can be fulfilled and taken care of by doing True Devotion of True God Kabir.

Thousands of messages have already been conferred to Mr.Amitabh Bachchan the host of the KBC about the Supreme God and how one can identify the aim of human life and how one can become a devotee of Supreme Saint. It is wise to understand the importance of life in time.

KBC can make contestants millionaire based on their mental strength and fortune, but the supreme Saint can make their devotees millionaire by imparting true spiritual knowledge of Lord Kabir. Watch Discourses of Saint Rampal Ji on YouTube channel ‘SA News’ to become a Devotee of Lord Kabir.

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