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Hazrat Mohammad Ji Never Ate Meat So Why Do Muslims Eat Meat?


Holy Muslim religion and its ideology is primarily known for its sacredness and purity in its belief primarly because most of the muslim people follow respected Hazrat Mohammad ji. Contrary to the beliefs of Shri Mohammad ji, muslim community are engaged in practices that were neither dictated to nor followed by Hazrat Mohammad ji. One of such practices is eating meat. Let us go on and read about the proofs that validate the same. 

Why Muslim Community Consume Meat?

For the entire muslim community, Holy Quran Sharif is the holiest book and respected Hazrat Mohammad ji is the most respected person and most followed person. Still the community is in disbelief that both of them allowed us to consume meat as food. It is because of the wrong spiritual knowledge they are always taught about. Hazrat Mohammad ji himself never ate meat and never allowed any of his followers to eat meat, then how can Muslims eat meat in the name of Hazrat Mohammad ji?

We along with people of every religion, caste need to understand that we all, including humans and every sort of animal, are the children of that single father Almighty God Kabir. And how can that father allow His one child to eat another? 

The Knowledge Giver of Holy Quran Sharif Is Not Allahu Akbar

The knowledge of the holy Quran Sharif is given to Hazrat Mohammad ji through Jibreel to him by force. Jibreel was sent to Hazrat Mohammad ji by Satan (Kaal Brahm). Also in Surat al Furqan 25 Ayat 59, the narrator has asked us to get into the refuge of a Bakhabar to know about the creation of the universe and method of attaining Allah. This proves that the narrator is himself not aware about the method of attaining Allah, then how can he be Allah? 

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Secondly, because he was Satan that’s why he intentionally gave the orders to eat meat both in the Holy Bible and the Holy Quran Sharif after Supreme God Kabir created the universe in six days and took rest on the seventh day. As he knew by propagating false acts in the name of God, he can keep people away from God. And that’s how he keeps his interest fulfilled by rotating us in the cycle of 84 lakh species of animals. 

Facts About Hazrat Mohammad Ji & the Holy Quran Sharif

Muslim religion believe in one single God which they call as Allah and follow the practices as given by Hazrat Mohammad ji. Because they believe that Hazrat Mohammad ji met Allah hu Akbar. So let us know some facts about Hazrat Mohammad ji which may be new to the entire muslim community. 

Hazrat Mohammad Ji Never Consumed Meat

The entire muslim community believes that Hazrat Mohammad ji consumed meat. But it is not true as Hazrat Mohammad ji along with his 1,80,000 followers didn’t consume meat at all. Saint Garibdas ji Maharaj from Haryana has revealed in His sacred verses about the same: 

Garib, Nabi mohammad namaskar hai, Ram Rasool Kahaya|

Ek lakh assi ko saugandh, Jin nahi karad chalaya ||

Ars-Kurs par Alah takht hai, Khalik bin nahi khali |

Ve paigambar pak purush the, Sahib k abdali ||

Allahu Akbar Never Asked Us to Eat Meat

As mentioned in the Genesis of the Holy Bible, Supreme God Kabir created the universe in six days and took rest on the seventh day. After that Satan (Kaal Brahm) took over the proceedings and ordered the consumption of meat as food in the following chapters of Holy Bible and Holy Quran Sharif. This Satan demonstrated himself as Allah or God but in actuality he is not God. The one who met Hazrat Mohammad ji as God when he was taken up into heaven was Satan not God. 

That Satan also ordered Hazrat Mohammad ji to do Roza (fasting), Bang and Namaz but there was no mention of killing and eating animals there too. Hence their act of killing and eating animals is totally baseless. Supreme God Kabir says:

Roja Bang Namaz dai re, Bismil ki nahi baat kahi re |

Hazrat Mohammad Ji Killed a Cow & Restored It to Life

Muslim consume the flesh of cow in the name of the event when Hazrat Mohammad ji restored a cow to life again. Hazrat Mohammad ji killed a cow and restored it to life by his power of word. But he never ate the flesh of any living being including cows. But on the other hand muslim community is consuming cow’s flesh as a blessed food from Allah which is completely false. 

Mari gau shabd ke teeram, Aise the mohammad peeram |

Shabdae fer jiwai, Hansa rakhya mass nahi bhakhaya, Aise peer mohammad bhai ||

Can Allah Be Attained by Eating and Killing Animals?

The answer to this question comes with a big NO. For Allah all the souls are equal. He cannot permit the killing of one living being for another. Then how can we attain Allah with this? The same is being mentioned in verses of the Holy Bible. In the Holy Bible, Genesis 1:26-1:29 God has ordered all living beings to be vegetarian and eat plants, vegetables and fruits. These proofs from the Holy Bible give evidence about the constitution of God Kabir for our consumption as food. 

How Can We Please Allah?

Allah can only be pleased or attained if we abide by His constitution and do worship to attain Him. In the Holy Quran Sharif hidden evidence is there about how to attain Allahu Akbar. In Surah Furqan 25 Ayat 59 the narrator, who is unaware about true spiritual knowledge, has asked us to take refuge in a Bakhabar Saint. Only that Saint will give you the way to attain Allah.

Presently, Bakhabar Saint is none other than Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj from Haryana, India. He is being sent to this planet Earth by Allahu Akbar. Because He has the method of worship with right mantras that are giving the right direction to His devotees to attain benefits from Allah Kabir. Hence it is the golden opportunity for each and every one of us to pounce on this opportunity. First to understand His true spiritual knowledge and then to take refuge in Him to attain happiness once and for all. To know more about the Quran read the book ‘Musalman Nahi Samjhe Gyan Quran‘.

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