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Is Jesus a real God ?


Good Friday is observed by the Christian Community to commemorate the crucifixion of Jesus Christ at the cross of Calvary. It is observed as a part of Paschal triduum on the Friday preceding Easter Sunday. Some people also refer to it as Holy Friday, Great Friday and Black Friday. Good Friday is treated as a legal holiday in many western countries. Generally, the Christian Community and Protestant community attend a Good Friday Service at the church reading the biblical accounts of what happened on that day. Good Friday 2019, this year, is falling on April 19, 2019.

Which day of the week did the crucifixion take place?

It is strange that, this being such a big event for the believers of Jesus Christ, there is no mention of the day it took place in the Holy Bible. And, it has always been in controversies since then. In Matthew 12:40, Jesus said the following words which has created this confusion ― “For as Jonah was three days and three nights in the belly of a huge fish, so the Son of Man will be three days and three nights in the heart of the earth.”
Due to this, many scholars believe that Jesus was crucified on Wednesday, few others believe it to be a Thursday, while some others strongly advocate it as a Friday.

Jesus died on the cross for our sins?

The Christian Community believes that the day Christ was crucified, he died on that cross for our sins. Also, that all those who believe in Jesus Christ as “The Lord” will be spared from the Judgement of God on the Judgement Day and they will live happily forever with Christ in Heaven.
As per the spiritual laws, one pays of only his sins and can get pardoned only for his sins. It is without any doubts that Jesus Christ prayed to Almighty, to forgive all those who sinned against him. But just because he prayed, it does not mean that they all were forgiven and everyone who will commit sin from then on, will be forgiven. The Karmic law does not operate like this. Take a simple example: if Joe is hungry, then how will he be able to satiate his hunger? It is understood that to satiate his hunger, Joe will have to eat food. If Tim is eating on his behalf, it will fill Tim’s stomach, not Joe’s. Similarly, Jesus Christ asked for forgiveness for everyone, but only he will be able to get the benefit of doing that good deed. Others will derive no benefit from it. So, the belief that Christ died for our sins and now they will be spared from the judgement on Judgement Day is completely wrong. Also this makes it easier for people to commit crimes, because they feel that Christ has already taken the punishment they deserve for their deeds and now there is no account to be given by them.

Also, the belief, that if they believe in Christ as “The Lord” they will live happily forever in Heaven with Christ. In this entire universe there is nothing that lasts forever. As a matter of fact, even the heaven is destructible. And if the belief is considered to be true, then all the believers of Christ should be living happily on earth as well. But is it really happening?? Are they really free from diseases, mental, physical and financial troubles??

One more question that strikes me is, if Christ is “The Lord” then who is the Father? And what is the purpose of reciting the prayer “Our Father in heaven, Holy be thy name…” in the church? Isn’t the belief contradicting the prayers??

Is Jesus really The Lord?

Jesus Christ was a very virtuous soul, who took birth and suffered through all the torture, to give the message of our Holy Father. Our Holy Father never claimed Jesus Christ to be the Lord. He always said that Jesus is His Son. Then, why do people address Jesus as “The Lord”? And, why do they want to live with Christ and not the Father of us all?
One quality of a true God is that he neither takes birth nor does he die, i.e., He is eternal. But Christ did not fulfill both of these conditions. He took birth from Mary and died at the cross of the Calvary. So, he is not the Lord. Lord cannot go through the hardships and torture that Jesus Christ was made to go through. Plus, the life accounts of Jesus Christ indicate that he was very disturbed a night before the crucifixion and he couldn’t sleep. He also got angry seeing his disciples sleeping peacefully. If he is the Lord, then why did he get angry when his disciples were sleeping? Why was he disturbed a night before being crucified? God does not fear anything. This clearly indicates that he was as human as all of us and he was a messenger of Almighty. He was not the Almighty.

Who is the real Almighty?

Like all religions, even the Christian Community believes in One Supreme God. The sad point is that they do not know about him, His name and where does he live. There is evidence of his name in the Orthodox Jewish Bible in Iyov 36:5. Similarly, His name is also found written in Holy Quran in Surat Furqan 25 from aayat 52-59, in Shri Guru Granth Saheb in Raag Tilang, Mehla 1 page 721 “yak arj guftam pesh to dar gosh koon kartaar, Hakka Kabir karim tu beab parwardigar”, and in the Vedas too(Yajurved 5:32, Atharva Ved Kaand no. 4 Anuvaak no.1 Mantra no. 7, Rig Ved Mandal 9, Sukt 96, Mantra 18, Yajurved 5:1).
If you are truly seeking freedom from miseries, if you are yearning for Almighty – His love, Eternity and contentment – then you will have to follow the way of worship in accordance to the Holy Scriptures.
In the present scenario, there is no one worthy of showing this true way of worship other than an enlightened sage. His name is Sant Rampal ji Maharaj. To know more about Almighty, and how to attain Him, kindly visit www.supremegod.org

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