Earthquake in Jammu Kashmir Update: The True Saint Can End Such Sufferings


Earthquake in Jammu Kashmir Update: The residents felt a mild earthquake in Jammu and Kashmir and near areas. Luckily, it has not done any significant damage to the people and the environment.

Any mishappening or natural disasters occur due to the sinful deeds of the people in the region, and a True Saint’s Grace can avoid these calamities.

Earthquake in Jammu Kashmir Update: Highlights

  • An earthquake hit Jammu and Kashmir at around 9:40 pm
  • Mainly the earthquake hit the South-Western Kashmir
  • The intensity was moderate with a depth of 5 km
  • No report of any destruction or injury
  • National Center for Seismology confirmed earthquake was of 3.6 Richter scale
  • DM-DC, Srinagar, Shahid Choudhary, tweeted hoping for the safety of everyone
  • The people heard the sound of the big boom before the earthquake
  • People are in the dilemma whether it was a blast or an earthquake
  • True Saint’s Grace can avoid the calamities

Earthquake in Jammu Kashmir Update: People in Jammu Kashmir Are in Panic

The year 2020 witnessed several tragedies. It has made people more frightened about anything that happens. Even minor damage fills individuals with terror.

It is unusual to hear a sound before or after the earthquake. People have listened to a loud noise before the quake. There is speculation that the Sonic boom can cause earth tremors.

Scientific Cause of the Earthquake

Scientifically, the prominent reason for causing an earthquake is that there are tectonic plates in the Earth’s crust. When these tectonic plates ride one over the other, the stored energy becomes more significant than the friction, and the rock masses suddenly slip along the fault. Much of the energy stored in the stretched rock converts in seismic waves that travel out in all directions causing the earthquake to occur.

Spiritual Cause of the Occurrence of the Earthquake

The actual reason for occurring all these natural disasters is different. It happens as a result of the previous or present sinful deeds of the people of the region. Sins are the actions performed against the Laws of God. It includes the killing of animals, eating their meat, consuming intoxicating substances, committing adultery, or tormenting the True Saints and Devotees of God.

Eating Meat or Consuming Intoxicating Substances Is a Sin

Saint GaribDas Ji says,

Surapan madhya masahari, Gaman karae bhogaen par naari |
Sattar janm katat hain sheeshM, Sakshi Sahib hai Jagdeeshm ||
Par dwaara stri ka kholae, Satar janm andha hovae dolae |
Madira peeve kadva paani, Sattar janm shwaan ke jaani ||
Garib, Jeev hinsa jo karte hain, Ya aage kya paap |
Kantak juni jihaan mein, Sinh bhediya aur saanp ||
Jhote bakre murge taai, Lekha sab hi let Gusaain |
Mrig mor maare mahmanta, Achra char hain jeev ananta ||
Garib, Shabd Humaara maaniyo, Aur sunte ho nar naari |
Jeev daya bin kufar hai, Chale jamaana haari ||

In the above-written Vanis, Saint GaribDas Ji says that those who consume alcohol and commit adultery will be decapitated in 70 lives. Those who commit adultery become blind in the next 70 lives. And, those who drink alcohol get 70 births of a dog.

After this, Saint GaribDas Ji states about the sins incurred by committing violence towards other living beings. Saint GaribDas Ji says what sin is there above committing any violence towards other living beings? Such people will take birth as a carnivorous animal like a lion, wolf, or snake. Whether you kill a bull, goat, or chicken, God takes account for everyone. Saint GaribDas Ji says that follow My Words. Men and Women, listen to Me. Those who don’t show compassion towards other living beings, lose their human life. They commit sin.

Tormenting a True Saint or His Devotees Is a Sin

There is evidence in Garib das Ji Maharaj’s Verses:

Tumne us dargaah ka mahal na dekhya, Dharmrai ke til-2 ka lekha||
Ram kahae Mere saadh ko, duHkh na deejo koy|
Saadh dukhaay Main duHkhi, Mera Aapa bhi dukhi hoy||
Hirnyakashyap udar (pet) vidaariya, Main hi maarya kansh|
Jo Mere saadhu ko sataavae, Vaka kho doon vansha||
Saadh sataavan koti paap hai, Angin hatya apraadhM|
Durvasa ki kalp Kaal se, Prlay ho gaye yadav||

In these lines, Satguru Garibdas Sahib Ji is giving evidence that people should treat Supreme God descended as a True Saint with love and affection and should not torment Him. Further, He (Garibdas Sahib Ji) says that my Saint should not be hurt. The one who gives suffering to my Saint implies grief to me.

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When Hirnakashyap tormented His devotee Prahlad, He split open Hirnakashyap’s abdomen, and He only killed Kans. Similarly, the one who will haunt my Saint, his family line will be finished. Therefore, one incurs millions of sins on torturing a saint. Since only a Guru can do anything, the Yadav suffered due to their ill-treatment with Saint Durvasa.

True Saint Can Avert Those Sufferings

When a child takes birth, he gets a countable breath. No one can make any changes in it except the Supreme Power (Kabir Sahib Ji). He appears as a human who can change anything anytime.

Kabir Sahib Ji explains in Hymns about making the impossible to possible,

Masa ghate na til badhe, Vidhna likhe jo lekh|
Sacha Satguru met kar, Upar maar de mekh||

It means that only a true Guru can change a devotee’s destiny. He can even bring his devotee back from the death bed because he is the Incarnation of Supreme God Himself.

And That True Guru Is Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj

So, one should not delay in taking initiation from Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj because no one knows about the next moment. The deplorable condition of the entire world makes the Supreme God cry because nothing is immortal here. Not even deities. Kabir Ji explained in one of His Verses about this,

Kabir, Chalti chakki dekh kar diya Kabira roye|
Do patan ke beech mein sabut bacha na koye||

Kabir has tears in His Eyes watching the running mill of this world, where no soul survives. All ground to dust, between the two grinding stones of the duality of Maya and Kaal.

Then, God Kabir Sahib Ji also gives a Solution to that,

Kabir, Kile se lagya rahe, Taka naash na hoye||

The flour mills of olden days have a stick (Kile) in it. Whichever food grain remained stuck to that, that food grain was not destroyed. With this example, Supreme God Kabir tells us that whoever remains stuck to the Teachings of the True Guru is never destroyed. Immediately, take refuge in Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj. He only has the power to make changes.

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