Atrocities (52 Badmashi) Against God Kabir Saheb JI


Updated on 23 May 2023: Atrocities Against God Kabir: Prakat Diwas of Kabir Saheb is observed and celebrated globally so as to highlight His immorality. This is one of the basic characteristics of God that He is indestructible. Yet to prove His characteristic Kabir Saheb had to go through many atrocities so as to keep the trust of their devotees. Kabir Saheb is known for speaking the truth with utmost boldness that He Himself is the Supreme God. As we all know the power of truth is always suppressed, the same happened with Kabir Saheb when He revealed the truth in front of the common public. Let us get a sneak peek into how His thoughts were opposed by the people of that era and what kind of ill treatments He endured.

Atrocities Against God Kabir: Key Highlights

  • Atrocities endured by Kabir Saheb 
  • Swami Ramanand tested Kabir Saheb 
  • Sheikh Taki’s evil intentions to kill Kabir Saheb 
  • Sheikh Taki asked Kabir Saheb to resurrect a dead person
  • Sending fake invitations for a communal meal
  • Is Kabir Saheb the true Almighty?
  • Can we attain the Supreme Almighty?
  • Who is the enlightened sage presently?

Atrocities Endured by Kabir Saheb

Illiterate people were in majority in that era. Even those who were capable of reading and writing weren’t familiar with Sanskrit, the language in which all Hindu holy scriptures are written. Also, since Kabir Saheb belonged to the weaver community and a Muslim family. Due to this, whenever He opposed the rituals and beliefs people criticised Him. Many times He was put into life threatening situations by the preachers of both religions. The question arises why people tested Him? What did He say that people couldn’t believe? The answer to this is He openly used to say that I am God. This used to agitate the preachers of both the religions and they used to put Him to test to find if He really is God. Let us take a look at a few instances amongst many so as to how people tortured Him.

Swami Ramanand Tested Kabir Saheb

Once when Kabir Saheb was five years old, disciples of Swami Ramanand forcefully took Him to Ramanand’s ashram alleging that He was wrongly mentioning Swami Ramanand as His guru. 

स्वामी रामानंद को जीवित करना

When they presented Him to Swami Ramanand, he questioned Kabir Saheb as to why He was lying? Kabir Saheb told Him He is not lying, instead he had given Him the mantra when He was two years old when He was lying on a staircase nearby a Ghat. At that time his mala also dropped into the neck of Kabir Saheb. Also, Kabir Saheb presented the image of that two year old child in front of him along with His current image to reveal His reality as a Supreme God. 

Also, Swami Ramanand was doing his daily rituals mentally privately behind the curtains in his small shed and he accidentally made an error and couldn’t find a solution to it. And Kabir Saheb offered the solution for that error without even seeing it as He was on the other side of the curtains. This convinced Swami Ramanand that only God could know what is there in my mind and solve it. And he believed that Kabir Saheb is indeed God.

Sikander Lodhi Asked Kabir Saheb to Resurrect A Cow

Asking Kabir Saheb to testify that He is God, emperor of Delhi Sikander Lodhi slaughtered a pregnant cow in the market and asked Kabir Saheb to resurrect it. Kabir Saheb not only resurrected both the cow and the calf but also milked it in front of everyone.

मृत गाय को सभा में जीवित करना

Sheikh Taki’s Evil Intentions to Kill Kabir Saheb

There are many instances where Sheikh Taki (religious guru of Sikander Lodhi) tried to kill Kabir Saheb. We will be looking at a few of those instances. Several attempts to kill Almighty Kabir were made by Sheikh Taki but all were destined to go in vain. He poisoned the mind of the emperor of Delhi against Kabir Saheb because Kabir Saheb used to call Himself God. Due to which he ordered his men to kill Kabir Saheb.

Kabir Saheb Sat in a Vessel Filled With Boiling Mustard Oil

Sheikh Taki was jealous of Kabir Saheb hence he asked the emperor to make Him sit in the vessel filled with boiling mustard oil. Kabir Saheb saw everyone was keen to see what would happen, He Himself went and sat in the vessel with boiling oil. Seeing that nothing happened to Kabir Saheb, the emperor went to check if the oil was really hot by immersing his finger. Kabir Saheb warned him not to do so but the emperor didn’t pay any heed to the warning given by Kabir Saheb. The moment he dipped his finger in the oil, the portion of finger got cut off by the boiling oil and the emperor fainted due to pain. Kabir Saheb came out of the boiling oil and cured the emperor and even restored his severed finger.

Throwing Almighty Kabir in a Deep Well

Sheikh Taki did not accept his defeat and he asked the soldiers to throw Kabir Saheb in a deep well and fill it with mud, stones, and thorny plants. So it was done. But, by the time soldiers finished filling the well and returned to the palace, Kabir Saheb already was present in the palace with the emperor Sikander Lodhi. Sheikh Taki was completely amazed and shocked to see Kabir Saheb there but because of his bad fortune he didn’t accept Him as Supreme God.

Attacking Almighty Kabir Saheb With Sword

Sheikh Taki hired a few goons to attack Almighty Kabir Saheb while He was fast asleep. Sheikh Taki tried many times to hurt Almighty Kabir Saheb with his sword but each time the sword would pass through His body because Kabir Saheb doesn’t have a body made of five elements. His body is made up of only one element and that is Light. But, that ignorant fool didn’t know about it. After inflicting many attacks with the sword when they left thinking they killed Kabir Saheb, Almighty Kabir Saheb offered them milk before they could leave. Seeing Kabir Saheb in front of them they all got scared thinking of Him as a ghost and ran away.

Drowning Almighty Kabir Saheb in River Ganges

When Kabir Saheb tested His disciples by taking a stroll on an elephant along with a prostitute who had taken initiation from Him and sage Ravidas, everyone who opposed Kabir Saheb requested their king to punish Him. At that time, emperor of Delhi Sikander Lodi was compelled to punish Almighty Kabir Saheb.

Sheikh Taki urged the emperor to throw Kabir Saheb in the river Ganga. Following the instructions, the emperor tied Kabir Saheb’s hands and feet and took Him in the middle of the river in a boat and threw Him in the water. But, to Sheikh Takki’s dismay, Kabir Saheb sat on water with a smile. Then, Almighty Kabir Saheb was tied with huge stones. Soldiers took Him to the middle of the river again and threw Him in the water. But, the stones untied on their own and drowned. Kabir Saheb kept floating on the water.

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After several failed attempts to drown Him, he ordered the people to pelt stones on Him, fire arrows on Him, yet He didn’t drown. Sheikh Taki then ordered the emperor’s army to fire cannons on Kabir Saheb. The army fired for 12 hours. Seeing that these foolish people won’t stop, Kabir Saheb went into the river as if He has drowned. Sheikh Taki felt elated thinking Kabir Saheb is dead. However, Kabir Saheb came and sat in His hut with sage Ravidas. But still he wasn’t able to recognise Him as the Almighty Supreme God.

Attempt to Kill Almighty Kabir Saheb by an Intoxicated Elephant 

When Sheikh Taki saw Kabir Saheb alive, he said that Kabir knows some kind of sorcery and hence He manages to stay alive (but He couldn’t recognise that only the Supreme God is immortal). This time he ensured that He doesn’t stay alive. He urged the emperor to get Kabir Saheb crushed under the feet of an intoxicated elephant. A date and venue was fixed for the purpose.

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The whole town had gathered to witness this incident. An intoxicated elephant was released towards Kabir Saheb to attack Him. He was running with pace towards Him, and at that time Kabir Saheb showed the elephant the form of a lion. This frightened the elephant greatly and it ran away instead of killing Him.

When all the efforts to kill Kabir Saheb became futile, Sheikh Taki took up activities against Kabir Saheb to get rid of Him. He thought if Kabir failed to fulfil those demands people would force Him to quit Kashi. Following are a few accounts which Sheikh Taki adopted to uproot Kabir Saheb and His followers in Kashi.

Sheikh Taki Asked to Resurrect a Dead Person

Sheikh Taki convinced emperor Sikander Lodhi to ask Kabir Saheb to resurrect a dead person to prove that He is Allah. Following which, Kabir Saheb resurrected a dead boy floating on a river in presence of a huge audience. Astonished by the miracle, people named the boy Kamaal. Showing that he wasn’t convinced since the boy could have been alive, Sheikh Taki asked Kabir Saheb to resurrect someone who had been dead for a while. He asked Kabir Saheb to resurrect his daughter who had been dead and buried in a grave. A date was decided when Kabir Saheb would resurrect his dead daughter.

On that specific day, many people gathered to witness the miracle. Kabir Saheb resurrected the dead girl from the grave who later refused to go with her father Sheikh Taki stating that her time with him was over and she would live this extended life with the Father of soul; Kabir Saheb. People were astounded with the miracle and named the girl Kamaali who informed everyone present there that Kabir Saheb is the Supreme Almighty Allah Hu Akbar. She also spoke about her previous lives where she did take the true way of worship from Kabir Saheb and followed it for a short time. And she also revealed that now Kabir Saheb has given her this extension of life so as to worship and attain salvation.

Sending Fake Invitation for a Communal Meal

Distressed with failures one after the other, Sheikh Taki resorted to yet another conspiracy of defaming Kabir Saheb. He sent fake invitations on behalf of Kabir Saheb for a communal feast for three days and all attendees would be presented with a blanket and a gold coin for every meal. He even posted the invitation to the emperor of Delhi Sikander Lodi. On the set date 18 lakh (1.8 million) people turned up in Kashi for the communal feast. Kabir Saheb got food, blanket and gold coin for the communal feast from Satlok and pious souls from Satlok came along with Kabir Saheb’s another form; Keshav. 18 lakh people enjoyed delicious meals for three days and also got blankets and gold coins along with every meal. 

Even after manifesting such a tremendous act of supremacy and narration of spiritual discourses to those 18 lakh people after the communal meal, still Sheikh Taki refused to accept His supremacy and called it as a drama. These are just a few accounts of how Kabir Saheb was troubled by Sheikh Taki and the preachers of Hindu and Muslim religions. Sheikh Taki became blind in his last days but he refused to accept Kabir Saheb as Almighty till he breathed his last.

Is Kabir Saheb True Almighty?

The answer to this is Yes. He is the Supreme Almighty and all Holy Scriptures prove this fact. Take a look at the following evidence from the Vedas, Bhagavad Gita and other holy scriptures.

  • Holy Rigveda Mandal 10 sukt 4 Mantra 3 Supreme Almighty does not take birth from a mother’s womb and Kabir Saheb appeared by Himself in Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh.
  • Holy Rigveda Mandal 9 sukt 1 Mantra 9 states that an infant Almighty God is nourished with the milk of maiden cows. Kabir Saheb was nourished by the same procedure.
  • Holy Rigveda Mandal 10 sukt 4 Mantra 4 states that Almighty Supreme when descending on earth doesn’t marry any woman and Kabir Saheb demonstrated the same.
  • Holy Rigveda Mandal 9 sukt 96 Mantra 16 gives the name of Supreme Almighty as Kavirdev.
  • Holy Rigveda Mandal 9 sukt 96 Mantra 18 gives His true Spiritual knowledge in the form of poems and He has been recognised as a poet.
  • Holy Geeta ji Chapter 15:17, 2:17 reveals that the Supreme Almighty is eternal. Also chapter 18:62, 18:66 reveals that the giver of knowledge of Srimad Bhagavad Gita is different from the Supreme Almighty and there exists a place of immortality whose name is Satlok. 
  • Holy Geeta ji chapter 8:9, 8:10 states that the name of the Almighty God is Kavir Dev and only by His refuge one can attain supreme peace.
  • Holy Atharva Veda Kaand 4 Anuvaak 1 Mantra 7 mentions Kabir Saheb as the creator of all of us.
  • Holy Samveda utarchik adhyay 2 khand 3 mantra 1400 shalok 5 mentions that Kavir Dev descends on earth to spread His true knowledge.
  • Orthodox Jewish Bible (OJB) Iyov 36:5 specifies the name of Kabir Saheb as Supreme Almighty
  • Holy Quran Sharif : Surah Furqan 25 verse 52-59 specifies that the Supreme Almighty is Kabir Saheb. Also, Holy Fazael-E-Zikr also mentions that Allah is Kabir
  • Holy Guru Granth Sahib Page 24 Raag Siri Mehla 1 shabad 29 reveals Kabir Saheb by “Dhanak Roop Raha Kartar”. 
  • Holy Guru Granth Sahib Raag Tilang Mehla 1 on page no 721 reveals the name of Kabir Saheb as Hakka Kabir means immortal Kabir.
  • Holy Guru Granth Saheb Malaar Mehla 1 page 1257 and another baani on Page 567 mentions the description of Almighty Kabir Saheb.

Can We Attain the Supreme Almighty?

Yes, we all can attain Almighty Kabir Saheb by undertaking a true way of worship in accordance to the guidelines provided by a truly enlightened sage. 

Who Is an Enlightened Sage Presently?

Currently, there is only one enlightened sage on earth who is none other than Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj from the holy land of Haryana. He is showing the same path which was shown by Kabir Saheb and that’s why the fake gurus are misleading the masses against Him. But just like Kabir Saheb He is the one who is imparting true Spiritual knowledge and giving us the information about true creation of the universe in accordance with Holy Gita ji chapter 15:1-4; chapter 15:16-17 from His spiritual discourses. 

He is the one who is imparting the true way of worship in three stages as mentioned in Holy Vedas and is decoding the correct mantras mentioned in Holy Gita ji as “Om-Tat-Sat” in which Tat and Sat are indicative words.To know more about true way of worship please listen to His spiritual discourses on Sadhna tv channel from 7:30pm onwards or please visit Satlok Ashram YouTube channel. To take initiation from Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj please click here to fill the initiation form.

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