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Apple Store Is Now Online in India But the Real Happiness Is Still Missing


For the first time, Apple launched its online store in India. There was a long-time customer who were waiting for this moment. They are on cloud nine after this announcement of the availability of purchasing Apple products online.

The real happiness is not receiving the branded items online on discount, but it is attaining Moksha and going to Satlok (The Eternal Place)

Apple Store Now Online in India: Highlights

  • Apple store is now online in India, the 38th worldwide
  • The website to access the Apple store online at www.apple.com/in/shop
  • Apple has now the partnership with BlueDart courier services for delivering products
  • Safe and contactless deliveries in 24-72 hours from the time of order
  • Payments options credit and debit cards, credit card EMI, RuPay, UPI, Net Banking available
  • Direct purchase and special offers for students
  • Real happiness is attaining Moksha and going to Eternal place (SAT LOK)

Features and Discounts Available in the Online Purchase

Apple has announced that it will offer a full range of products. Also, the customers, especially students, will be offered discounts. Because of this pandemic, everything has become digital like Education. Thus, focusing on everyone’s health, Apple took this initiative to make purchases feasible to everybody. The deal will involve numerous innovative products.

Apple assures products’ warranty and the replacement for any damage caused to the product. Customers can get different exchange offers also. They can exchange their old products with the new ones by paying the discounted amount.

Tim Cook Tweeted on the Launch of Apple Online

On September 18, 2020, Tim Cook, CEO of Apple, tweeted and said that they know how important it is for their customers to stay in touch with those they love and the world around them. And they can’t wait to connect with their customers. He further said that they want to expand support in India with the Apple Store online on September 23. He also expressed his happiness at this step of Apple.

Salient Features of Online Stores

  1. The website to access the Apple store online at www.apple.com/in/shop
  2. Direct purchase is possible
  3. No charge or cost for the delivery of the product
  4. Safe and contactless deliveries in 1-3 days from the day of order
  5. Different mode of payments such as through credit and debit cards, credit card EMI, RuPay, UPI, Net Banking and credit card is possible
  6. Several new products will be available
  7. Both Hindi and English languages available for queries
  8. The one-on-one online session is possible
  9. 30 minutes training session with the trained staff after purchase
  10. Engraving of text is a newly added feature
  11. Engraving is possible in any language
  12. Special offers for students

Apple Veteran Deirdre O’Brien Spoke on Live Online Apple Store

Deirdre O’Brien, Apple’s senior vice-president of Retail & People, organizes a wide variety of roles that consist of recruiting, talent development and Apple University, employee relations and experience, compensation, benefits, inclusion and diversity, and business partnership.

She said that they observed that the customers are shifting a lot to digital because of the pandemic. So, customers in large numbers were coming directly to them to get the products they need to be successful during the epidemic, with customers shifting to working remotely to schools shifting remotely.

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Further, she mentioned that they are finding ways to make sure that in the COVID world that we are all living in, they are making that direct personal connection in the best way that they can for their customers.

The Happiness of the Apple Store Online in India Is Short-lived

These days everyone is in the race of earning money. They have forgotten the real happiness. Even though they know that purchasing online products of Apple is happiness for a short period, they are enjoying this. They think they will get discounts on their purchase. It merely has become a symbol of status to show what they have.

But, they don’t think that God, who is the Creator of nature, can give them much more than this. And that will not be the happiness of a short time. That happiness can never fade. Achieving Moksha and reaching the place (SAT LOK) by doing true Bhakti is real happiness.

SatBhakti Bestows Permanent Bliss

The word discount or offer make everyone attract and happy. While, by worshipping The Supreme Power (Kabir Sahib Ji), one gets all the blessings. Whatever a person needs to lead a luxurious life, Kabir Sahib Ji provides everything without even demanding.

All the wishes can come true just by worshipping Kabir Sahib Ji. And only Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj provides the True devotion. One should not wish for Worldly Possessions but should crave for attaining salvation by taking initiation from Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj.

Sant Garib Dass Ji mentioned in his Verses about the importance of that Eternal Place.

Sankho lehar mehar ki upje,
Kehar nhi jhan koi|
Dass Garib achal avinashi,
Sukh ka Sagar Soi||

It means that in Satlok, nothing wrong happens. Everyone leads a peaceful life and live with love and affection. He (Kabir Sahib Ji) is immortal and is the Ocean of all blessings.

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