December 7, 2023

Declared Fugitive, Amritpal Singh Last spotted in Kurukshetra, Haryana 

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Renowned Khalistani leader and leader of ‘Waris Punjab De’ Amritpal Singh has escaped from the hands of Punjab Police in a dramatic chase at Jalandhar, Punjab. He was last spotted in Kurukshetra, Haryana. And has been declared a fugitive by the government. Ongoing search operations are carried on to arrest him as soon as possible. Read the news to know details.

Key highlights

  • Amritpal Singh, a Khalistani sympathizer seeks to establish a separate state.
  • The Punjab police to stop such activity and has launched an operation to arrest Amritpal Singh
  • Internet services were made shut for 27 million people in Punjab to prevent spread of fake news & to maintain law & order.
  • Internet services are restored in the whole Punjab except the districts of Tarn Taran and Ferozpur.
  • He escaped from Police in a dramatic chase at Jalandhar, Punjab.
  • Amritpal Singh was found to be involved in various illegal activities viz sourcing weapons from Pakistan through ISI, misappropriation of funds in name of Khalistan, spreading gun culture among youth, etc
  • Amritpal Singh was last spotted in Kurukshetra, Haryana where he took shelter. Woman Baljit Kaur who gave him shelter has now been arrested.

Who is Amritpal Singh?

Amritpal, the 29 years old who’s a Khalistan sympathizer & a radical preacher, returned from Dubai last time and became the head of the activist group “Waris Punjab De” after the death of the actor-activist Deep Sidhu. Amritpal Singh has been always speaking the language of secession and racialism, eliciting calls for the freedom of Punjab and the creation of Khalistan on several platforms.

Amritpal Singh recently stated that the “Khalistan movement can’t be stopped from flourishing” & provoking supporters for the separation of Punjab state”. The 29- year-old man dresses like militant Jarnail Singh Bhindranwale and draws motivation from him that’s why his supporters called him “Bhindranwale 2.0.”

What’s the Amritpal case?

One of Amritpal’s helpers Lovepreet Singh was arrested by Punjab Police, demanding his release, supporters of Amritpal Singh gathered at the Ajnala police station last month in which six police labor forces, including a supervisor of a Police rank officer, were injured during the clash. A FIR has been lodged against Amritpal Singh in relation to this incident.

Punjab police took action & many supporters of Amritpal Singh-the head of “Waris Punjab De” were detained by the Punjab Police, who were sharing unconfirmed videos & spreading fake & provoking news to divide Punjab. The houses of some of his sympathizers have been raided who were involved in spreading violence in the society.

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Apart from this, Amritpal Singh also threatened union minister Amit shah which also worsened the situation. Eventually, all these events forced the police to take action against him before it became too late. And the cases of extortion, criminal intimidation, rash driving and keeping prohibited arms have been booked on him and are getting longer since his escape.

Amritpal Singh has been declared a fugitive

Amritpal Singh has managed to evade his arrest from Punjab Police in Mehatpur, Jalandhar after the police launched a cordon and search operation (CASO) against him. And since then he has been changing his locations. And has been declared a fugitive by the Government. But the police have managed to arrest 78 people of his activist group ‘Waris Punjab De’. 

He has been spotted in Haryana where he stayed in the city of Kurukshetra. The lady named Baljit Kaur who sheltered him was also arrested. Some photos have also been recovered which shows how he is changing locations in the past few days.

Internet Services were suspended in Punjab

Internet was suspended across the state from 18th March noon till 21st March as Amritpal’s associates started circulating frantic videos appealing to sympathizers to reach Shahkot.  

To prevent the violence, police have been stationed outside Amritpal’s village, Jallupur Khaira, in Amritsar. Amritpal’s associates were likely to threaten the public & inciting violence leading to chaos with the purpose to spread communal clashes, disturbance of public peace, inhibiting or injury to persons, the threat to life and property, thereby disturbing public safety and public order in the State of Punjab. Consequently, Punjab police saw an emergency and suspended internet services. 

Also, internet shutdowns have become common in India, which has more than 800 million internet druggies– the world’s second-largest digital population, behind China

How does Internet Shutdown Assist Police?

Khalistani sympathizer & radical preacher Amritpal Singh & his supporters were creating unrest in Punjab for the past weeks. To stop this, police launched a major operation to arrest him & NSA invoked against him.

In such a situation, the police suspended Internet services to maintain law and order. With internet and smartphone penetration, the inflow of information is rapid-fire and unverified on most occasions. This leads to the spread of misinformation and indeed fake news that can further escalate the conflict that’s why it was a crucial step by the Punjab Police to curb internet services.

Punjab Minister appeals to maintain peace and brotherhood.

Amid turmoil, the Punjab Minister appealed to people not to believe in any misinformation spread by anyone on social media. To prevent any incitement of violence and any disturbance of peace and public order the step is taken. 

Police in Punjab have clarified that to maintain law & order & stop the spread of fake news the internet shutdown is done. Further, the Punjab Minister requested the people to maintain peace and harmony in the critical situation.

Central Government and Punjab Government working together to catch Amritpal Singh 

The Punjab government has been in continuous touch with the central government to ask for possible aid to catch Amritpal Singh. The center in response has deployed a total of 19000 personnel from different agencies to tighten the security in Punjab. However Amritpal Singh is believed to have escaped Punjab and was last seen in Kurukshetra, Haryana. Still the centre and state government are closely monitoring the situation to maintain peace in the state.

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Question: What is an internet shutdown?

Answer: It’s a short-term suspension of the internet for a particular population & region to prevent the spread of misinformation.

Question: How many times has the internet shutdown been done in India?

Answer: From 2012 to 2022, 683 internet shutdowns have been done.

Question: Which nation has done the maximum internet shutdowns till date? 

Answer: India

Question: Who is Amritpal Singh?

Answer: Amritpal Singh is a 29-year-old Khalistan sympathizer, who calls himself the head of ” Waris Punjab De”.

Question: Why has Amritpal singh been wanted?

Answer: Because of his statements against Union Home Minister Amit Shah and charges of extortion, rash driving and keeping prohibited arms, he has been wanted.

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