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Amit Shah in AIIMS Hospital: Spiritual Science Has the Remedy to All Diseases


Amit Shah Health Update: Union Home Minister Amit Shah admitted to AIIMS again

Union Home Minister comes to the AIIMS on Saturday for admission. As per ANI tweet bulletin says, Shah admitted in AIIMS for a 1-2 days health checkup ahead of the parliament session. Readers would know about the spiritual science that cures all kinds of diseases.

Amit Shah Health Update Highlights

  • Union Home Minister Amit Shah admitted to AIIMS on late Saturday
  • Admitted in hospital for the third time in just over a month
  • AIIMS bulletin says, Shah admitted for a complete medical checkup before the parliament session for 1-2 days
  • AIIMS treats Shah for post-COVID care within less than two weeks
  • Shah felt uncomfortable and had troubles in breathing
  • Admitted at the Cardio Neuro department in AIIMS at 11 pm
  • Spiritual science prescribes a remedy to all diseases

Chairperson, Media & Protocol Division, AIIMS bulletin

ANI tweets clarify on Sunday morning, “Union Home Minister Amit Shah was discharged from AIIMS after post-COVID care on August 30. As per advice given at discharge, he has now been admitted for a complete medical checkup before the parliament session for 1-2 days: Chairperson, Media & Protocol Division, AIIMS.”

Amit Shah Health Update: Amit Shah Admitted in AIIMS on Saturday

The coronavirus outbreaks have witnessed many influential dignitaries fight with a difficult situation. The 55 years old Indian Home Minister Amit Shah is one of those who faced post-COVID-19 complications. The readers would recall Amit Shah got discharged from AIIMS on August 31 after undertaking post-COVID-19 treatment.

Amit Shah Health Update: AIIMS Director Taking Care of Shah

New Delhi prestigious hospital, All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS), has admitted him once again on Saturday, the September 12. The sources say he is in stable condition. AIIMS has re-admitted Shah to Cardio Neuro Tower at around 11 pm on Saturday. Sources in Government say that Shah has been experiencing breathing troubles due to post-COVID-19 effects. AIIMS director Dr. Randeep Guleria and his team of doctors are taking care of Shah at AIIMS.

Chronology of Home Minister Corona Disease

Amit Shah was admitted to Gurugram based private Medanta hospital on August 2 after he had tested positive for coronavirus COVID-19. He was discharged from Medanta on August 14 after he tested negative.

Amit Shah was admitted to AIIMS on August 18 after the trouble of body pains and tiredness.

Amit Shah Health Update: Long-Term Effects from COVID-19

As per World-famous Mayo Clinic, coronavirus infected people recover entirely within a few weeks. But people, even with mild versions of the disease, may continue to experience symptoms after their initial recovery.

People with many severe medical conditions and older people may experience lingering COVID-19 symptoms. The generally occurring indications and symptoms that remain over time involve Fatigue, Headache, Shortness of breath, Cough, and Joint pain.

Organ Damage Caused by COVID-19

COVID-19 is viewed as a illness that predominantly changes the lungs, it may harm many other organs too. This organ destruction may raise the risk of long-term health problems on the Lungs, Heart, and Brain.

COVID-19 can make blood cells more likely to form clots. At the same time, large clots can cause heart attacks and strokes. Other organs affected by blood clots include the lungs, liver legs, and kidneys. COVID-19 can also weaken blood vessels, which contribute to potentially long-lasting problems with the liver and kidneys.

Amit Shah Health Update: Problems With Mood and Fatigue

People with severe COVID-19 symptoms are often treated with mechanical assistance, such as ventilators, hospital’s intensive care unit. Only surviving this experience can make a person more likely later to develop post-traumatic stress syndrome, depression, and anxiety.

Spiritual Science Prescribes a Remedy to All Diseases

According to the Book “Way of Living,” Enlightened Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj describes that the world community knows little about the human body and almost nothing about the soul. In totality, only the Supreme God knows who has created the never-dying soul and ever-sustaining body. The human can understand the eternal knowledge from a Satguru enlightened by the Supreme.

Saint Rampal Ji Cures All Diseases

The seekers of Truth can come in the refuge of the only Enlightened Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj and take name-initiation. Upon practicing the eternal devotion, all accumulated sins get destroyed. The devotee, free from all sinful deeds, achieves everyday joys and salvation. For more, visit Satlok Ashram YouTube Channel and read the Book the Way of Living.

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