December 6, 2023

White House has more COVID-19 positive cases: Did Ivanka Trump violated Coronavirus Guidelines?

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Here the readers would know about USA President Donald Trump’s daughter and her Senior Advisor Ivanka Trump. Recently her personal assistant is reported COVID positive. Ivanka has disregarded the Federal Coronavirus Guidelines by visiting from Washington DC to New Jersey for private holidays. Two more corona positive cases found in the White House and its West Wing was sanitized. Read Full News about white house coronavirus update and guidelines

  • Ivanka Trump is in news for Corona
  • White House Corona Update
  • USA coronavirus Outbreak News


  • Coronavirus enters repeatedly in the cleanest and secure White House
  • Ivanka Trump’s personal assistant too found corona positive
  • President Trump personal valets tested positive for COVID-19
  • Ivanka Trump and husband Jared Kushner disregard the federal coronavirus guidelines
  • Press secretary of Vice President is second White House staff to be coronavirus-positive
  • President Trump declines to wear a Mask
  • coronavirus has turned hot economy to ice
  • President, his daughter Ivanka and son-in-law never corona positive

Even most secured and sanitized White House unable to isolate from novel virus

white house coronavirus update: USA shares about 30% coronavirus spread out of the world’s 4 million infections and 280K death. 1.3 million infected cases and 80K death are enough to understand that coronavirus has turned the hot economy into ice. Even regular COVID-19 testing, deep cleaning, and mindful planning could not prevent corona from entering the White House. The readers should realize that no American President’s claim of containment and reopening of the economy can be accepted as of now.

Is Ivanka’s personal assistant COVID positive?

According to CNN, it is reported that the personal assistant of Ivanka Trump has tested positive for COVID-19. The assistant has been working from home for several weeks. She works for Ivanka Trump in a personal capacity. She had no symptoms but was tested out of precaution two months ago. CNN quoting a person familiar with the matter further reported that Ivanka Trump and her husband Jared Kushner were tested for the coronavirus as negative on Friday.

Ivanka Trump violated coronavirus guidelines

Amid coronavirus, the White House federal guidelines state to avoid discretionary travel, shopping trips, and social visits. Last week, Ivanka along with her family members traveled from Washington to Bedminster, New Jersey to celebrate Passover.

The New York Times reported it as disregard to the federal coronavirus guidelines. However, White House official said that she has practiced social distancing and work remotely at Bedminster. The trip was not commercial but was purely private for spending a holiday with her family.

President Trump declined to wear a Mask

President Donald is always been tested corona negative. He also told that his hands have forgotten his face, which means he has stopped touching his face and therefore he does not need the use of a mask. During the tour to a mask-making facility in Arizona, President Trump declined to wear a mask.

White House has more COVID-19 positive cases

CNN’s report on Thursday confirmed that a US Navy member serving as Trump’s personal valets tested positive for COVID-19. Readers must know the valets are appointed from an elite military unit who assist the President and his family for their personal tasks and travel with them. President was upset to hear this information and had to be tested for coronavirus again.

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white house coronavirus update: Katie Miller, press secretary of Vice President Mike Pence is second White House staff to be coronavirus-positive on Friday. She was frequently meeting with journalists in the White House.

Her husband is a senior advisor of President Trump also works in the same building. All staff members who came in touch with her including her husband were tested negative. The White House building is sanitized and it is made sure all wear the mask in the building.

Let us know more about Ivanka Trump

Ivanka, 38 years old second child of US President Donald Trump, is a businessperson and author. Before marrying Jared Kushner, she converted into Jewism. She is supporting her father and she is first to join the family business as executive vice president of the Trump Organization.

Later in March 2017, she left and alongside her husband began serving as a senior advisor in the presidential administration of President Trump. Having 3 children and owning US$ 300 million net worth she lives with her husband in Washington DC.

Ivanka had been in India and visited the Taj Mahal

During the first official visit of President Trump in February, his daughter Ivanka had accompanied him and visited the Taj Mahal. Ms. Trump had posted a picture captured in front of the Taj Mahal and wrote that the grandeur and beauty of the monument were awe-inspiring.

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