From God’s Constitution, know the secret of Jagannath Temple.

The King of Odisha State, Indradaman, was worried because Shri Krishna Ji appeared in his dream and, while showing him the place, said, “Indradaman, get a temple built on the seashore. Idol-worship should not be practised in it. Only appoint a Saint who will impart the knowledge of Holy Geeta Ji to the visitors.” But being full of vengeance, the sea was obstinate to demolish the Temple of Jagannath Puri. Because, in Tretayug, when the sea didn’t give way to Ram, he got annoyed, and intimidated and reproached the sea. On account for the same, it was disrupting the construction of the Jagannath Puri Temple over and over again. According to the order of Krishna Ji, the King had attempted five times to get the temple built, but every time a cyclone arose and demolished the temple. The King requested Shri Krishna Ji a lot for the help, but even Shri Krishna Ji was unable to stop the sea. Gradually, his treasury became empty, and he decided not to construct the Temple.

One day Kabir God in the form of a Saint came and said to King, “Now get the temple built. I am with you. This time the sea would not demolish the Temple.” King replied, “When Lord Shri Krishna Ji could not stop the sea, then what can you do!” Kabir God told the King,” I possess the power of that Supreme God who created all of the Universes. And only that Omnipotent God can turn impossible to possible; none other.” But the King didn’t change his mind, so Kabir God told the King His address and said, “Whenever you feel like constructing the Temple, you can come to Me.” Finally, Shri Krishna Ji told the King in his dream, “The Saint, who came today, His power has no limits. He will get the temple constructed. Request Him.” Then, following Indradaman’s request, Kabir Ji got the Construction of the Temple started. The sea too would rise with high velocity to demolish the Temple and become helpless and stop because Kabir God would raise his hand and, with his power, stop the sea. Then the sea requested Kabir Ji,” I am powerless before you. I can’t win from you. But how do I take my revenge? Kindly tell the Solution.” Kabir God stated the alternative of immersing Dwarika to calm its anger down because Dwarika was empty. That place where Kabir Ji stopped the sea, a dome is present as a memorial. At present, a Mahant lives there.

During that, a Siddh Mahatma from Naath Succession came and said to the King, “Without an idol, what a temple would it be? Make an idol from the Sandalwood and install it in the Temple.” The King got three idols made which repeatedly used to break into pieces. Like this, the idols were made thrice, and every time broke into pieces. So, the King again got worried. In the Morning, when the King reached his royal court then Kabir God, in the form of a Craftsman, came and said to the King, “I have 60 years of experience. I will make the idols, then these will not break. Give me a room in which I will make the idols, and until the idols are made nobody should open the door.” The King did the same. There, after some days, Naath Ji visited again, and, on his asking, the King stated the entire story. Then, Naath Ji said, “The Craftsman is making the idols for last 10-12 days. Lest he make idols incorrectly, we should see the idols.” Thinking this, they entered the room. Then, Kabir God disappeared. Three idols had been made, but, being disrupted, the digits of the hands and toes of the idols were not made. That’s why the idols were put in the temple without digits.

After some time, some Pundits reached in Jagannath Puri Temple to consecrate the idols. Kabir God was standing, facing the Temple, in front of the door of the Temple. Pundit, calling Kabir God ‘Untouchable’, pushed Him and entered the Temple. On entering, they saw that all the idols had acquired the appearance of Kabir God; the Pundits were struck with amazement. Later the Pundit who pushed Kabir God calling Him ‘Untouchable’ developed Leprosy. But the Kind God Kabir Ji cured him. After this, untouchability is never practised in the Jagannath Puri Temple.

Kabir God here proves that He is Omnipotent and superior power than Brahma, Vishnu, Mahesh. Kabir God, moving from Satlok, comes in all four Yugas: in Satyug by the name ‘Satsukrit‘, in Tretayug by name ‘Munindra’, in Dwaparyug by name ‘Karunamay’, and in Kalyug by His real name ‘Kabir (KavirDev)’. Param Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj also told the same Truth that Self-welfare is possible only by practising way of Worship according to Holy Geeta Ji, Holy Vedas, and the Tattvgyan(True Spiritual Knowledge) narrated by God Kabir; otherwise the Human life will be wasted. (Geeta Ji Adhyay 16 Sloka 23-24 also proves this.) Only by doing Sadhna (Religious actions) according to the knowledge of Geeta Ji, self-welfare is possible. Else, by merely visiting the Temple of Jagannath Ji, self-welfare is not possible because this action is not described in Holy Geeta Ji.

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