Solution to Suicide: Committing Suicide Is a Heinous Sin


Suicide Prevention: Every year millions of people die due to suicide around the world, which is a grave misfortune that they not knowing the solution to suicide and the value of their human life, commit a heinous sin — that does more harm to their future. In this Blog today we are going to share information about the absolute satisfying Solution to Suicide which is given by Jagatguru Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj.

Suicide Prevention: A Better Life, Saner World Lies Ahead

Yes, might be you are in a state of depression right now, but there is definitely a way to save yourself from that cold harsh decision of committing suicide and ending the road to all the spiritual gifts that await ahead in life. Feel Positive, because a ray of hope is beaming out towards you, trying to catch your attention. A better life, a saner world lies ahead.

Desperately Unhappy You Need a Road to Contentment

All it requires is, shedding the unnecessary emotional and material baggage one is carrying and taking steps towards an authentic and spiritual way to lead one’s life. We guarantee, that after reading this blog, all your negative thoughts will vanish and you will discover a way to lead this precious human life in peace and contentment, which right now might surely seem unthinkable to you. So, let’s take a further peek. 

Prevention & Awareness Can Save You From Suicide

The entire month of September was observed as Suicidal Prevention Month, to raise awareness about suicide and discussing various ways to prevent it. According to the World Health Organization, there are currently over 300 million people in the world living under depression. Around 800,000 people commit suicide every year, and for each of those, there are around 25 times more suicidal attempts. In the present time, when sensibilities of people are heightened under the pandemic situation, there is a sudden and alarming increase in the number of suicidal deaths.

Suicide Prevention: When Alienation Surrounds You

We all face times when we feel the darkness of clouds of grief, sadness, mental tensions, depression surrounding us, devouring our life energies, and sending us into a state of constant despair. We let these clouds loom larger when we alienate ourselves and create a boundary between ourselves and the world. That is the very moment that all problems begin to get more complexed and start to seem unresolvable, leading to suicidal thoughts.

Suicide Prevention: You Have Received the Best From God

If one is contemplating suicide, the person is certainly not aware of how precious the Human life actually is. Kabir Saheb Ji says in His Divine Words:

Gareeb, Iss dehii ku deva lochen, Tu narr kyun ukalaata|

Nar dehii Naarayan yehee, Sanak sanandan saatha||

It is the best creation of God that one can attain after taking innumerable births and suffering pain in 84 lakh different forms of various living beings. Even Deities in heaven crave for human birth so that they can attain everlasting peace through the human body. So why are you becoming self-destructive and losing this opportunity of attaining salvation?

Disharmony Everywhere

At present, not even a single soul on this planet, be it rich or poor is actually living in peace, even if it might seem from the outside. There are numerous problems that each soul is facing. The current situation due to the COVID19 pandemic has worsened the physical, mental, emotional, and financial conditions of people and the world.  Hospitals are filled with patients, people losing their jobs, financial debts, mental stress, disharmony in families, and the list is endless! Nothing stays forever, definitely this situation and pandemic will end.

Suicide Prevention: Never Lose Hope

In such times, it becomes critical not to lose hope, and also understand that suicide is not the solution to resolve any problem in life. Thinking of committing suicide is sheer foolishness. Even by taking this drastic step, all one can end is human life; neither our karma nor our troubles. This life in “human form” is provided to us by God to attain supreme peace. The solution lies in putting a permanent end to all problems, and also a permanent end to the cycle of birth and death. By committing suicide, the problems don’t end, they only magnify.

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The solution will remain elusive. By the Divine karmic law, karmic account, the sufferings of hell awaits, add to it the karmic retribution of ending your own life! Taking birth in the lives of other 84 lakh beings will continue. There will be no end to karmic cycles, no end to sufferings. Then how did suicide help?

Never Think of Ending Life, Salvage Your Soul

The essence lies in the realization that the ultimate resolution to problems is not by ending this human birth, but in striving to get to the root of all our karmic cycles, understanding how to get out of the continuing troublesome life-death cycles, and finally break that bondage to attain Eternal living. The way to get there is certainly not by suicide, but by finding our Eternal life-line, the One Supreme who can end all our troubles and salvage our souls, something that we are finding impossible to do on our own. That’s where holding hands of the true Enlightened Guru is crucial.

No Fake Guru Can Resolve Your Problems

Going by the current state-of-affairs, in an attempt to resolve life problems, many of the readers would have lost a good amount of time and their hard earned money, paying to occultists and giving charity to pandits who would have ensured to solve their problems. But those solutions are temporary and that precious time and money is all lost in vain. At the end, what people get is an empty consolation, when they are told that these sufferings are due to past bad karma, which one will have to bear.

Read in Hindi: आत्महत्या (खुदकुशी) कभी भूल कर भी न करने की सोचें, समाधान के लिए संत रामपाल जी महाराज से जुड़िए 

As directed by these fake pandits/gurus, people start following religious practices which are totally in opposition to the scriptures, purely based on the inference of these pandits. As a result of which, neither does one get mental peace or physical comforts, nor any profit in work and business, and neither any spiritual attainment like realising the truth about God or attaining salvation.

Suicide Is Preventable

There is a solution to each and every human problem, and suicide is absolutely preventable. Believe it or not, the utmost thing required to resolve all issues is “Faith in God”. In the messy tangle of our problems and temporary solutions provided by wrong ways of worship, we lose our faith in God

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The good news is that this despair is only a temporary state because we have not yet found the right way to reach Him. The Enlightening bolt of Truth is that the ONE and ONLY power which can give us true happiness and satisfaction in this life and also in after-life, the One True Everlasting God, is Kabir Saheb. And by taking His right mantras from a Divine Tatvadarshi Guru assigned by Kabir Saheb, and doing the right worship, which is certified and proven from holy scriptures, the dense clouds of the most complicated problems that life brings, can vanish into thin air.

Tatvadarshi Saint Can Give You His Shade

At present, the only true Tatvadarshi Guru is Saint Rampal Ji, who is giving the True and Authentic path of worship by showing us evidence from Holy Scriptures of all religions. Those souls who today are in His loving and compassionate shelter, by getting Naam initiation, are reaping the true benefits of the right connection with the Supreme Kabir Saheb. Every single soul who has taken His refuge has experienced the uplifting and miraculous powers of the One True God. Getting life extensions by finding cures to most incurable diseases, riddance of all sorts of physical and mental sicknesses, intoxication, way ward living, etc. They are gaining financial growth, mental peace, and the most important, Sat Bhakti ( true worship ) which will ultimately liberate the soul and help attain salvation.

Guru Nanak Dev Ji has mentioned in Shri Guru Granth Sahib, about life and true Naam being the only base of all happiness.

Nanak dukhiya sab sansaar|

Sukhi soi jo Naam aadhar||

Kabir Saheb  has also explained in His Couplets:

 Kabir, Sumiran se sukh hout hai, Sumiran se dukh jaayi |

Kahen Kabir sumiran kiye, Sai maahi samaay || 

Authentic spiritual knowledge and the True Naam of Kabir Saheb, provided by Tatvadarshi Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj, is the most powerful weapon to win the battle over all our troubles of the mind, body, and soul. The true Naam (Satnaam and Sarnaam) is bound to give true benefits of worship, because only the True Guru, by virtue of true Naam, has the keys to powers of the Supreme, which can open doors to usher Eternal peace, serenity, and salvation for not just one or two people, but for the entire Universe. He gives True worship, through which it is possible to break all karma shackles and even conquer over death, disease, and old age.

Sant Rampal Ji has said this Kabir Bani in His Satsangs (Discourses):

Satguru sharan aane se, Aayi tale balaa| 

Jo mastak mei sooli ho, Vo kaante mein tal jaa||

The above Lines mean that by being in the refuge of the true Guru, piles of sins are converted to minuscule ones. As an example given by Sant Rampal Ji, if a person is destined to die soon, by true worship his destiny will be transformed, converting it to just a thorn prick, instead of death.

It’s evident in Vedas that Supreme God Kabir Ji can increase our lifespan, forgive our past sins and give us Supreme peace by breaking all our karmic shackles and helping us attain Salvation.

Enlightened Guru Destroys Deadly Sins of His Devotees

Yajurved Adhyay 8 Mantra 13 clearly states that God can forgive our most heinous sins committed in previous births.

Kabir Saheb Ji has also said in His Divine Words:

Kabir, Jab hee satnaam hriday dharyo, Bhayo paap ko naash|

Jaise chingaaree agni kee, Pade puraani ghaas||

On taking the Naam initiation (Satnaam) from the true Guru (an Enlightened Guru), all deadly sins are destroyed, just like a spark of fire that burns a heap of dry grass). 

Spread This Message to the People in Need of Help

We would request to all readers, to spread this message of hope and light to all your near and dear ones who are suffering or are depressed and can possibly make a move to end their precious lives by deciding to commit suicide. The spiritual knowledge and way of worship provided by Sant Rampal Ji can save lives of all such souls facing hopelessness and pain, and grant them a never-ending ocean of peace and Eternal living.

We request all pious souls to leave behind the drudgery and dark thoughts and devote yourself towards developing the most important, the everlasting relationship with God, and the likes of which no fellow human soul can ever provide. Come to the tranquil Shelter of Sant Rampal Ji, The Avatar of Kabir Saheb, who is here with open arms, showering blessings on His children, forgiving their sins, and breaking all their shackles of sorrow and hopelessness.

Take a U-Turn & See God Is Waiting for You to Meet Him

Don’t waste any more time. This is a wake-up call to make a fresh move towards a trouble-free and peaceful journey of everlasting Spiritual living, by taking a U-turn from the suicidal dead-end!

Watch the Sadhna channel every evening, from 7:30 to 8:30 pm. Download Sacred Book “WAY OF LIVING”, and switch your false perceptions about life into authentic and truly spiritual ones. See you on a positive side of a spiritual road where all are living in the shade of Supreme God Kabir Saheb Ji.

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