The Saviour & Reformer: Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj


Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj is one of its kind spiritual leaders in the 21st century who dared to question so-called pre-set societal and religious norms and beliefs. Such beliefs and practices have drifted away from the truth to just suit one’s whims and fancies. While we are preoccupied in our lives and losing ourselves in the wrong flow, the spiritual discourses of Saint Rampal Ji helps us to realize our ignorance and brings us back to senses. This article briefly highlights the major objectives of Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj and His socio-religious reform initiatives. It will also provide a glance into His life and journey as a spiritual leader.

Life History of Saint Rampal Ji

Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj was born on the 8th of September 1951 in village Dhanana, district Sonipat, Haryana, India. His father, Bhakt Nandram, and His mother, Bhaktmati Indradevi were farmers and led a simple life. Saint Rampal Ji completed His diploma in engineering from Industrial Training Institute (ITI), Nilokheri, Karnal. After completion, He was appointed as a Junior Engineer in the irrigation department, Government of Haryana where He worked for 18 years. He was devoutly religious since His childhood and worshipped Hanuman Ji, Vishnu Ji and other deities with utmost devotion throughout His early life. Despite this, gaining mental peace and satisfaction was far away from reality. This has fueled His desire of attaining God for which He constantly met saints and mahatmas. Read More

Spiritual Awakening

In the year 1988, Saint Rampal Ji met an old Kabir Panthi Saint Swami Ramdevanand Ji Maharaj. Saint Rampal Ji inquired about His top priority questions on attaining God and salvation. Swami Ramdevanand Ji edified Him about the Supreme Almighty and His true statutes. Later, He took initiation (Naam) from Swami Ji on the 17th of February 1988. Swami Ramdevanand Ji ordered Him to propagate Almighty Kabir’s teaching through spiritual discourses (Satsang) in 1993. In the year 1994, He was also allowed to give initiation (Naam) to aspiring devotees, i.e., He was entrusted with the responsibility of being a Guru by Swami Ramdevanand Ji.

Bumpy Road to Success

With the growing responsibilities, His role as a Junior Engineer became overwhelming which was when He decided to resign from His job in 1995. During the year 1994-99, He went from door to door propagating the Almighty’s true spiritual knowledge. In 1999, His followers established Satlok Ashram Karontha in district Rohtak, Haryana, taking His Orders. Gradually, He came into prominence for unveiling the true way of worship which provided thought-provoking moments to many.

Clashes and Conflicts Between Saint Rampal Ji & Arya Samaj

Although it had been an eye-opener for people who started rationalizing things, many rose in opposition. In 2006, Satlok Ashram Karontha (Haryana) had experienced the wrath of Arya Samaj because Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj publicly objected to certain spurious and unethical content in Satyarth Prakash (a book originally written by the founder of Arya Samaj). Instead of reflecting upon delusions and redressing the flaws, the followers of Arya Samaj opted to attack Satlok Ashram Karontha with stones, petrol bombs and fires. Read in Details in Hindi PDF 

There were approximately ten thousand devotees in the Ashram including women, children and senior citizens. Ashram’s water supply, import of essential commodities and power were cut to intentionally choke the functioning. No media person and ambulance were allowed in the premises. Police were mere spectators of the whole episode. This led to the Karontha incident on 12th of July 2006. Unfortunately, an Arya Samaj follower lost his life in the clash by police fire. Saint Rampal Ji was charged with murder and arrested. Saint Rampal Ji and His disciples demanded CBI investigation of the entire incident which was brushed aside by concerned authorities. However, He was released on bail in 2008. 

Consequently, Karontha Ashram was annexed and shut by the government until the honorable Supreme Court granted its possession back to Sat Kabir Bhakti Mukti Trust on 7th of April 2013. Defying the highest court rulings, Arya Samaji goons again started threatening Karontha Ashram authorities as they were distressed by the news of reopening of the Ashram. On 12th of May 2013, they had besieged the Ashram and came equipped with guns and petrol bombs. They had pelted stones but followers of Saint Rampal Ji maintained the tranquility. Fortunately, this time police intervened and stabilized the situation. However, no action was taken against those who were involved in fomenting the issue and breaching public order and peace. Following this incident, the rabble of adamant Arya Samaji goons continued to storm the Ashram. The then administration found no way out and issued orders to vacate the Ashram to bring the situation under control. Saint Rampal Ji’s followers peacefully complied with the order.

The 2014 Incident of Barwala 

Until 2014, Saint Rampal Ji was undergoing trial of falsely accused murder case related to Karontha incident, 2006. There were incessant tussles between Saint Rampal Ji and corrupt-affiliated officials but Saint Rampal Ji strongly held His ground with utmost integrity and honesty. Troubled by His veracity, the High Court framed contempt of court case against Saint Rampal Ji on 22nd of July, 2014 even though the then Superintendent of Police testified against it.

He was summoned by the court for contempt of court on 10th of November 2014 which He could not attend owing to His illness. The court issued a Non-Bailable Arrest Warrant against Saint Rampal Ji with a deadline, 17th of November 2014. Unfortunately, He could not make it even this time as He was prescribed bed rest till 19th of November 2014. His medical reports were presented in the court but they were ignored.

Atrocities on Innocents

This compelled the disciples of Saint Rampal Ji to approach the Supreme Court which fixed the hearing date on 20th of November, 2014. Despite this, on 18th of November 2014, the administration ordered a police force to seize and attack Satlok Ashram Barwala (Haryana) which had been a new home for followers of Saint Rampal Ji. The brutality of such a ruthless operation had victimized thousands of innocent devotees. They were beaten, forcefully sent to jail and even six devotees (of Saint Rampal Ji) succumbed to death due to expired tear gas shells used by the police but Saint Rampal Ji along with His 30 devotees have been sentenced to life imprisonment by District Court, Hisar in this framed false murder case (of six devotees). Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj was acquitted of the fake charges of wrongful confinement on 29th of August, 2017. At present, the Barwala Ashram is in the custody of the Haryana Government. 

Despite going through uncountable obstacles, He gained support and His followers continue to grow even today. With time, the branches of Satlok Ashram were expanded to Betul (Madhya Pradesh), Bhiwani (Haryana), Rohtak (Haryana), Mundka (Delhi), etc owing to a surge in the number of devotees.

Objectives of Saint Rampal Ji

Around 600 years ago, Supreme Almighty Kabir Ji Himself descended on earth to establish righteousness as He always did in different yugas. Whenever there were grave distortions in the path of devotion and domination by unrighteousness, either God Himself came down or sent His messengers to mend the fallacies.

Saint Rampal Ji as an Avatar of Supreme Almighty Kabir, holds the baton to impart true spiritual knowledge based on holy scriptures of different religions so that people could recognize the Supreme God (that ‘One God’) as testified by various shreds of evidence. Not just that He also took the responsibilities to propagate an authentic way of worship that actually liberates souls to attain salvation. His initiatives help people to realize the worth of their human life and guide them to utilize it properly. 

He graciously uncovered the mystery of the entire creation of nature which assists us in knowing about the vicious trap of life and death made by Kaal-Brahm (controller of 21 Brahmands). He is relentlessly working to take pious souls back to Satlok, which is our real eternal abode. Moreover, He is ingraining morality and spiritual awakening in the people and thus, in the society to ultimately make them competent for Satlok. He stands against hypocritic beliefs, social evils, inequalities, and the vitriolic nature of society. His intent is to spread love, happiness, and brotherhood amongst all.

Socio-Religious Reforms by Saint Rampal Ji

Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj has laid strict rules for His disciples. Whoever deviates from it, ceases to be His disciple until they accept their mistakes, seek forgiveness and pledge to be better next time. His motive is definitely to enlighten this world but only those who can abide by His genuine rules would be His followers. The directives put by Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj helps everyone to lead a simple, respectful and chaos-free life irrespective of their affluence and resources. The list of major socio-religious reforms are as follows:

Social Reforms by devotees of saint Rampal ji
  • He promotes humanity as our religion and living beings as our race. He is a staunch supporter of equality. Hence, He is strongly against caste system, untouchability and other forms of discrimination based on age, color, disability, gender, race, religion and social status. Owing to His initiatives, there have been many peaceful inter-caste marriages. There is no VIP culture in His ashrams and amongst His disciples.
  • The consumption of any intoxicating substance like alcohol, tobacco, cannabis, drugs, etc is strictly prohibited. The followers are not even allowed to offer these nasty things to others. This has helped in successfully building a civilized society.
  • The consumption of meat, fish or egg is forbidden as it is considered a sinful act to kill animals and have them on one’s platter to fulfill their insatiable desires.
  • The social evils like the dowry system are strictly prohibited as society has burdened themselves with such futile beliefs and practices which not just jeopardize lives but it’s also against God’s will. 
  • The followers are also barred from gambling or playing cards, singing and dancing, watching useless content and dramas to minimize wastage of their precious time and utilize it in devotion/ bhakti. 
  • Adultery isn’t tolerated at all. People without integrity and good conduct cannot tolerate this path for long.
  • One must not involve in or encourage corruption, theft, bribery, etc. The followers are asked to break the chain as these evils exist in the society because there is an enormous market (supply and demand) for it.
  • The disciples are neither allowed to bless nor curse anyone as this decreases one’s wealth of Bhakti. So, the disciples leave this considering it the Almighty’s job. We as a mere human being can never replace the Supreme Almighty and therefore, we must stay grounded.
  • Idol worship, worship of deceased ancestors, worshipping gods/goddesses/deities (other than Supreme Almighty Kabir) and pilgrimages, superstitions, arbitrary spiritual practices being against the holy scriptures are prohibited. 

Note: The act of ‘worshipping’ is different from ‘respecting’. No doubt respect forms the foundation of everyone we worship. However, we don’t worship everyone whom we respect.


The ultimate goal of bhakti/devotion is to seek true spiritual knowledge, identify our real Supreme Father and perform those practices which actually provide ‘moksha’ (i.e salvation). 

Saint Rampal Ji is the ‘Tatvadarshi Saint’ as described in Srimad Bhagwad Gita Adhyay 4 Sloka 34, Adhyay 15 Shlok 1 and Kabir Sagar (Chapter “Jeev Dharm Bodh” on Page 1960) who knows and practices statute of Supreme Almighty Kabir in entirety. The socio-religious reforms are just parts of the process which relieves voyagers from unnecessary boundations and burdens. This makes their journey frictionless towards the greater goal. 

“Our race is living beings, Humanity is our religion.

Hindu, Muslim, Sikh, Christian,There is no separate religion.”

~Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj

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