Sana Khan Marriage News

Sana Khan Marriage News: Know How to Tie Your Knot With Allah

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Sana Khan Marriage News: Former Bollywood actress Sana Khan recently got married to a Gujarat based Anas Sayed in an intimate ceremony. She announced her wedding news in an Instagram post on Sunday. Sana Khan’s wedding have been trending on the web. Know how to tie your knot with Allah.

Sana Khan Marriage News: Highlights 

  • Former actress Sana Khan got married to a Gujarat based man named Anas Sayed
  • Sana Khan announced her wedding on her official Instagram handle on Sunday
  • Pictures and Videos from Sana’s intimate wedding ceremony are trending on social media
  • Sana khan is known for her work in Bollywood, Telugu, and Tamil films
  • Sana Khan appeared as a contestant in two reality shows
  • Sana Khan decided to quit her showbiz life in the name of Allah on October 8, 2020
  • True way of worship of Allah is only with the present prophet Baakhabar Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj

Sana Married a Gujarat Based Man 

Former Bollywood actress Sana Khan recently got married in an intimate ceremony. Sana married a Gujarat based man named Anas Sayed. She announced her wedding news in an Instagram post on Sunday. She posted a picture of her husband and herself in the wedding dress which got viral within a few hours of uploading itself. Many renowned Bollywood celebrities congratulated the couple. 

 “Loved each other for the sake of Allah. Married each other for the sake of Allah. May Allah keep us united in this duniya and reunite us in jannah. Which of the favours of your lord will you deny.” 

Sana Khan

Sana Khan’s Wedding Trending on the Web 

Since the past couple of days, numerous videos and pictures from Sana Khan’s wedding have been trending on the web. In one of the viral videos, the groom and bride can be seen cutting a cake, while in another, they can be seen twinning in white outfits and posing for the camera.

Sana Khan Marriage News: Sana Khan Career and Professional Life 

Sana Khan got famous from one of the most popular tv shows among the youth starring Salman Khan. After her introduction to the show, Sana Khan got a chance to work in few Bollywood films. She has also done a couple of Telugu and Tamil films. She has also been a contestant in a reality show.

Sana Khan Said Goodbye to Her Showbiz Lifestyle  

On 8th October 2020, Sana Khan declared openly on her Instagram handle about her decision to leave her showbiz (film industry) lifestyle forever to follow the path of the creator ( Allah). She deleted all of her old posts relating to her past life from her official Instagram handle. 

‘In the name of Creator (Allah), the Most merciful, the most gracious. Today I am talking to you at a crucial juncture of my life. I have decided to say goodbye to my showbiz life forever and serve humanity and follow the orders of my creator.’ 

Sana Khan

How to Tie the Knot to Allah? 

According to the Holy Quran Shareef, Surat Al Furkan 25, Aayat 52 to 59 only a Baakhabar knows the real way of worship of Allahu Akbar Kabir. Allah is asking the prophet Muhammad to find a Bakhabar who can initiate him with the correct way of worship of Allah Tallah Kabir. Because only a Bakhabar can tie your knot to Allah. 

Who Is the Last Prophet and Bakhabar? 

The way of worship which the former actress Sana Khan is following is incomplete. The true way of worship can be learnt by going in the refuge of  the present Prophet Bakhabar Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj. Sana Khan is a free soul who is in search of her creator just like every other soul. She and many other seekers who are in search of God must watch the Spiritual Discourses of Bakhabar Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj at Satlok Ashram YouTube Channel.

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