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Recognize the True Worship!


All living being wants to have the best food, beautiful clothes & peaceful place to live without doing any work, the most civilised human being always in search of the above but all these things are not possible without true worship.
Kabir Saheb is the Supreme God, the creator of Brahma, Vishnu & Mahesh and their father “kaal”(jyoti niranjan/ Brahm who provides all the above facilities here, fears God Kabir Saheb).
The true worship of god Kabir Saheb is available with Satguru Rampal Ji Maharaj only & with no one else in the entire universe.
Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj tells us about the easiest & the ultimate way of worship. So we must follow the path shown by Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj.

The devotee community is suffering an infinite loss due to wrong worship as directed by fake Gurus. As a result no one gets mental peace, physical comforts or any other profit in business and at home. To know more about how to attain peace, the comforts, who we are, from where we all came from, why do we take birth, why do we die and why do we suffer, read the “creation of Nature” explained by True Guru Sant Rampalji Maharaj.
To know more about the True path, must read holy books Gyan Ganga, Jeene Ki Rah, Bhakti Se Bhagvan Tak
To know who is the supreme God, whom does he look like, watch Spiritual discourses by Sant Rampalji on Sadhna tv(7:30pm), Ishwar tv(8:30pm), Shraddha MH1(2pm) everyday.

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