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Shamsher Singh Dahiya – a monster dressed up as Human

Anthony Douglas Williams said, “When human acts cruel we characterize them as animals, but the only animal who displays cruelty is mankind”. There are numerous examples right from King Aurangzeb to Hitler, where this most creative and intelligent creation of Almighty has used all its intelligence to torment and torture the innocent and the weak. Today, one such example is Shamsher Dahiya, Superintendent of Jail no. 1, Hisar, Haryana, India.

Shamsher Singh Dahiya is a corrupt officer who has misused his power and authority to torture people who are serving sentences in the central jail Hisar. This person has crossed all the limits on humanitarian grounds to torment the inmates who are jailed under his custody. There is not one, but many cases filed by prisoners against Shamsher Singh Dahiya. However, no action has been taken against him as yet. The only reason being, he has links with government officials and ministers.

Let us take a brief look at the kind of cases registered against him.

Many prisoners have filed complaints against him stating that Shamsher Singh Dahiya tortures them by stripping them off their clothes and beats them. They even complained that he keeps the prisoners without food for days altogether.

He also misappropriates 10 lakh rupees as bribes every month from the prisoners to save them from the torture he does on other prisoners and poor people end up giving the bribe with the hope of saving themselves from the barbaric activities undertaken at the Hisar central jail.

Many other prisoners have filed complaints about him that he misbehaves with female prisoners. He has a very abusive attitude towards female prisoners. He has been accused of molestation. Jail inmates say that he makes female prisoners dance for him for entertainment.

Another segment of complaints filed by jail inmates is that he has sold their new utensils and misappropriated the money so received. To top it up, they are served food in dirty and unhygienic utensils.

There is another case filed against him which holds him accountable for misappropriation of millions of rupees by selling the ration supplies meant for prisoners at thrice the price to the prisoners.

Jail inmates validate these accusations by stating that he keeps prisoners starving for days altogether. This man has no limits or boundaries for cruelty. He has forced the jail inmates to consume vegetables cooked in sewage water.

In all the above mentioned cases, no action has been taken against this venal officer because whatever he earns through all these means, a cut is shared with all the ministers and senior government officials.

Why am I talking about this person?

On November 18, 2014, an innocent Sant Rampal ji Maharaj had surrendered to the police during the Barwala incident. He was sent to Central Jail Hisar by the court and is currently under the custody of this monster. Dahiya had asked Sant Rampal ji Maharaj to pay him fifty lakh rupees or else he will kill Sant Rampal ji Maharaj. This man has deep rooted grudge against Sant Rampal ji Maharaj because he did not accept Dahiya’s offer as he is against bribery. Agitated with this refusal, Dahiya started torturing the disciples of Sant Rampal ji Maharaj who were also arrested in the Barwala incident.

To begin with, when the disciples of Sant Rampal ji Maharaj were sent to jail after the judgement given by the court, they were asked to get down from the police vehicle in the courtyard of the jail premises and walk to the main entrance. Once they got down, policemen positioned at the jail stood in parallel lines over there till the main entrance to the jail with weapons like rods, belts, shoes i.e. anything and everything they could use to hit the new prisoners. The prisoners (disciples of Sant Rampal ji Maharaj) were made to walk through those policemen standing in lines and these policemen would then start beating the new prisoners mercilessly till they would reach their cell.
Policemen even looted the personal stuff of the prisoners such as their wallets, watches, cash, mobile phones were taken by them and have not been returned till date.

Post this, after thrashing the new prisoners like animals they were thrown in a small cell which could hold not more than 8 prisoners. 25-30 prisoners were kept and stuffed into that small cell to the extent that they did not have any access to breathable air, just like dead bodies are piled up. He even forced the prisoners to drink their own urine as a part of his torture treatment.

He and his force thrashed the new prisoners so badly that they used to get injured. But this monster didn’t allow them to get any medical care from the doctors even if they were taken to the hospital.

I am falling short of words to give an account of how he and officials under him have tormented these disciples of Sant Rampal ji Maharaj as none of them accepted his offer of giving him bribes. It makes me feel sad that for money and to remove personal grudge, a human could defy the very nature of mankind-to be merciful.

The point to be considered is, why even after so many cases filed against him, no action has been taken by the judiciary? If our country has rules which are the same for everyone, then how is it possible that when it comes to Monster Shamsher Singh Dahiya, they seem to either fade away or become non existent? Why he is given this special treatment over and above the law of this country? Is Shamsher Singh Dahiya above the law and the constitution of this country? Why is he allowed to do as he wishes with the prisoners without giving any regards to human rights these prisoners hold?

The government, Haryana Police and the judiciary is answerable to the people and citizens of this country as to why no action is taken against all the atrocities committed by this venal officer. To know how those innocent people were tortured, you can view their interviews on YouTube or visit www.supremegod.org

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