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Good Friday 2020: Who is the messenger of God today?


Today we are going to reveal true information about Good Friday 2020 like what is Good Friday?, Why Good Friday is celebrated, Facts about Jesus Christ, Who is the messenger of God today and many more.

What is Good Friday?

Good Friday is a day when the Christian community over the world commemorates the crucifixion of Jesus Christ. But why do we call it Good Friday? Why do we celebrate Good Friday? What does the Bible say about Good Friday? You will find all questions about the birth, life, crucifixion, and resurrection of Jesus Christ in this blog.

Good Friday 2020 date

Good Friday falls on the Friday before Easter Sunday i.e. the day of resurrection of Jesus. This year the Good Friday 2020 is falling on the 10th of April and Easter Sunday 2020 will be celebrated on the 12th of April 2020.

Why do we celebrate Good Friday?

Nearly 2000 years ago, Jesus Christ, the son of God, was captured and crucified in the ancient city of Jerusalem. Biblical scholars agree that he was crucified on Friday in the month of April. The third day after the crucifixion when Jesus is believed to be resurrected is celebrated as Easter Sunday.

Now let’s find out the correct information about the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus Christ as told by Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj.

5 Amazing Facts about Jesus Christ

Here are 5 amazing facts about Jesus Christ that will help you to understand true information about the Jesus Christ and Christianity

1. Birth of Jesus Christ

Christ was the son of Mary and Joseph. Mary was pregnant with Jesus Christ even before she was married to Joseph. Actually she got pregnant through an angel and the same angel convinced Joseph to keep Mary and his Child.

2. Miracles performed by Jesus

The life and birth and death of Jesus Christ were predetermined by Satan. The miracles he performed were also predetermined. Satan does this to make the messengers, who preach the wrong way of worship, popular among the masses so that people don’t get to know the correct way of worship and don’t recognize the supreme God.

3. Jesus and Supreme God

It was after Supreme God met Jesus Christ and gave him the true spiritual knowledge that Jesus Christ started preaching about one true God, but the agents of Satan kept the real knowledge away from the masses and the people are still unaware about the real story of Jesus Christ and Supreme God.

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4. The Crucifixion of Jesus Christ

Just like his birth, the death of Christ was also predetermined by Satan. If Christ had taken the refuge of Supreme God no harm could have been fallen on him. Vedas do prove that Supreme God saves his devotee from every harm. But we take the wrong path when we refuse to listen to the knowledge of true God.

5. The Resurrection of Jesus Christ

On the third day after the crucifixion the Supreme God Kabir Saheb Himself appeared in the form of Jesus to keep alive the faith in God. Satan wants everyone to lose faith in God but Supreme God keeps the spirituality alive until His messenger comes in the world and gives the true spiritual knowledge.

Who is the messenger of God today?

Many famous astrologers have told prophecies about that messenger of God who is going to change the course of history. According to all those prophecies, that Supreme Sage is Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj who gives the true spiritual knowledge of Supreme God and the correct way of worship.

Who is the Supreme God in the Bible?

According to the Holy Bible, the name of the Supreme God is Kabir.

“Iyov 36:5 See, El is Kabir (mighty), and despiseth, not any; He is Kabir in ko’ach lev (strength of understanding). (The Orthodox Jewish Bible)”


Holy books of other religions also tell us that the name of Supreme God is Kabir Dev, Saheb Kabir, Allah Kabir, etc. He is the father and creator of us all including Jesus Christ. Bhagavad Gita and Vedas tell us that we can attain that true merciful God through a Complete (Tatvadarshi) Saint i.e. the real messenger of God.

Good Friday and Corona

The question is not whether we would be able to celebrate Good Friday 2020 or not, the question is what benefit would we get even after celebrating it. Would it help us conquer the pandemic that has taken so many lives till now? Why shouldn’t we listen to the real spiritual knowledge and take the refuge of true God so that all our sorrows and diseases can be healed and the world can become a happy place to live in once again.

For more information, you can download the sacred book Gyan Ganga by Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj for free or download and listen to his spiritual sermons here. If you wish to take initiation from Jagatguru Saint Rampal Ji, then you can fill Naam Diksha Form

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