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Know the Real Father of All the Universes on Gandhi Jayanti 2020

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Gandhi Jayanti 2020: Today through this blog we will be throwing some light on Mahatma Gandhi’s Jayanti and why he is considered to be the Father of the nation. Along with this, we will also be briefing you all about who is actually the Father of each and every soul present in all the universes. To know everything, just explore the blog completely.

Introduction About Gandhi Jayanti 

Gandhi Jayanti 2020: Gandhi Jayanti is basically the birth anniversary of Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi widely known as Mahatma Gandhi or Bapuji in remembrance of his vital endeavors in accomplishing India’s Independence. Mahatma Gandhi was born on 2nd October 1869 in Gujarat’s Porbandar and belonged to a merchant’s family.

He studied law from the University of London and went to South Africa for practicing it at the age of 24. In 1915, at the age of 45, he came back to India and joined the Indian National Congress for attaining the nation’s freedom and soon became its president. Since then he commenced various peace protest passive movements against the British administration which includes the Non-Cooperation movement, Salt Satyagraha, Civil Disobedience movement, Quit India movement, etc.

Since When Are We Celebrating Gandhi Jayanti?  

Gandhi Jayanti 2020: The date on which Gandhi Jayanti is celebrated happens to be October 2nd annually which is also a national holiday featuring his struggle for the nation’s freedom and is also the prime reason why Gandhi Jayanti is celebrated every year. And this year Gandhi Jayanti 2020 is going to be the 151st birthday of Mahatma Gandhi.

Gandhi Jayanti Celebrations 

Gandhi Jayanti 2020: On this day, irrespective of religion people remember his struggle and his peaceful methodology for the nation’s independence. People prefer to do the following on this day:-

  •  Various political leaders pay homage by visiting Raj Ghat in New Delhi.
  •  Sale of alcohol is prohibited on this day.
  •  Students take part in Gandhi Jayanti essay and Gandhi Jayanti speech narration, Quiz competition, etc.
  •  This day is also celebrated as International Day of Non Violence around the globe.

However, these activities will be very limited this year due to the Corona pandemic as per Government regulations.

Do We Adhere to Gandhi Ji’s Principles? 

Gandhi Jayanti 2020: The real essence of this day is in understanding the true meaning of it and adhering to it. Today, no one seems to follow non-violence. There are chaos and violence everywhere. There can never be peace in this world because this world belongs to Kaal-Brahm (Satan) and he will never let peace prevail in this world.

Although our nation became independent 73 years ago, the soul of each and every living being is still entrapped here in the cycle of birth and death. Though Mahatma Gandhi is being referred to as the father of the nation but recognizing the one actual FATHER of every soul here who can liberate us from the ferocious cycle of birth and death is the true factual significance of this day.

Who Is the FATHER of Every Soul? 

Though we cannot deny that everyone is living here with their beloved ones whom they call family and they have a father or a caretaker concerned for them. But the ONE who is nourishing everyone everywhere and is the Creator of the entire universe is the true father of the soul. The one who can take away all our sorrows and can satisfy all our essential necessities without even asking for it, He is none other than ’God’.

Only by Grace of that God, one can be absolutely satisfied with his life and can be entirely liberated from any sort of the life-threatening disease. It is by God’s Grace only that a soul stays sheltered safely inside the mother’s womb where no one is there to help him out. Likewise, the same is revealed through Garibdasji’s God-given Verses:-

Mushkal mein aasan kiya tha, Kaha gayi wo Baatan|

Sat Sukrit ko bhuli gaya hai, Uncha Kiya na Hatha||

Do We Really Need to Find the True FATHER of Our Soul? 

Yes, it is the need of the hour for each and every living being present in this universe. Like a father is an integral part of the family, who supports and takes care of the family in every ups and downs, in the same way, it is the foremost goal of a soul to identify its True Father, the Supreme God who makes sure that all its essential requirements are available for it in advance as told in Kabir Sahib’s Verses:-

 Kabir, kalpe karan kaun hai, Kar Sewa Nishkaam|

Mann iicha fal deunga, Jab Pade Mere se Kaam||

And by the grace of that God only, the trap of karmas and the hassle of birth and death into 84 lakh species of animals can finally conclude, thus liberating a soul to an eternal place Satyalok and attaining the Supreme God. On reaching Satyalok, a soul is free from diseases and bad deeds, thus becomes immortal. The same is depicted in Kabir Saheb’s Verses:-

Chal hansa Satyalok Humare, Chodo yeh sansara ho|

Iss sansar ka kaal hai raja, Karam ka jaal pasara ho||

Who Is the Supreme GOD? 

In the present scenario, we see people in their respective religions worshiping Brahma, Vishnu, Mahesh, Goddess Durga, and other deities along with some messengers of God, like Jesus, Mohammad, and Guru Nanak Dev Ji and perform various sorts of rituals. All these Gods, demigods, the messenger of God are themselves entrapped into the trap of karmas and the cycle of birth and death, hence they cannot give us anything except our destiny which is already ours. And mankind worships these due to grave ignorance or we can call it as lack of TATVGYAN (True spiritual knowledge).

He is none other than Lord Kabir who descends Himself (doesn’t take birth from a mother’s womb) onto this planet earth from Satyalok in all the four ages to impart the True spiritual Knowledge so as to ease the way of salvation for His pious souls. Accordingly the same is depicted in His Verses:-

Satyug mein Sat Sukrit Keh Tera, Treta Naam Muninder Mera|

Dwapar mein Karunamay Kahaya, Kalyug Naam Kabir Dharaya||

Saint Garibdass Ji (from Village Chhudani, District Jhajjar, Haryana) has also described in his God-given verses about the glory of Lord Kabir:-

Anant koti brahmand mein, Bandichhod Kahaye|

So To Ek Kabir hai, Janani Janay na May||

Lord Kabir Is the FATHER of Every Soul

He is the Supreme Power who is imperishable and by His Grace only the aggravation of birth and death can finally end and one’s soul can happily move to its native place Satyalok and never come back. He is the FATHER of all the souls ranging from the smallest animal to the human being, who is fostering everyone everywhere.

He is the one who is germinating the seed of worship in His keen and passionate souls since ages and is Himself encouraging everyone to follow the right path of worship. The same is being told in God-given Garibdass Ji’s and Daduji’s verses respectively:-

SatKabir Naam Karta ka, Kalp kare dil dewa|

Sumiran kare Surti Se Lape, Pawe Hari Pad Bheva||

 Kabir Karta Aap hai, Duja naa koye|

Dadu puran jagat ko Bhakti Dridavat Soye||

Lord Kabir is the one and only Omnipotent, Omnipresent, and Omniscient Supreme Power which is being referred in all the Holy Scriptures. Some of these are mentioned below:-

  •  In Holy RigVeda, Mandal no 9: Sukt 1 Mantra 1-9, Sukt 20 Mantra 1, Sukt 82 Mantra 1-2, Sukt 86 Mantra 26-27, Sukt 94 Mantra 1, Sukt 96 Mantra 16-20 and in Holy YajurVeda in Chapter 29 Verse 25 and in various other verses, Lord Kabir is mentioned as Kavir Dev.
  •  In Holy Shrimad Bhagwad Geeta, chapter 8 Verse 3, 8-10, chapter 15 verses 4, 17 and chapter 18 verse 62,64,66, Lord Kabir is mentioned as Param Akshar Purush.

The Scripture-based worship (mentioned in chapter 17 verse 23 of Holy Geeta) for attaining Supreme God, (which is also the aim of a human being) as mentioned in Holy Shrimad Bhagwad Geeta’s chapter 4 verse 34 and is also mentioned in Holy YajurVeda chapter 40 mantra 10 is being given by a Tatvdarshi Saint (Truly Enlightened Saint).

Who Is the Truly Enlightened SAGE (Tatvadarshi Sant)? 

A Tatvdarshi Saint is the one who can explain the meaning of chapter 15 verse 1-4 from Holy Shrimad Bhagwad Geeta Ji in accordance with the creation of the universe. And currently Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj is the only one who is successful in explaining the same to us and is also the one who is giving us the true path of worship as mentioned in our Holy scriptures.

Amongst all the saints around, He is the right one as revealed through the Holy Scriptures. And it has been observed that through the path of worship enlightened by Him, God favors His righteous soul. The path of Truth and honesty favored by Mahatma Gandhi ji is being successfully implemented by Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj through His True Spiritual Sermons and worship. Lord Kabir Ji says:-

Satsang ki aadhi ghadi, Tapp k varsh hazar|

To bhi barabar hai nahi, Kahe Kabir Vichar||

In a world full of uncertainties, on seeing above said proofs, a pious soul should not waste his time in identifying the True FATHER of his soul and take refuge under Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj to allow Him to be the sole Protector of your soul in all your hardships.

To get detailed information about the way to attain Almighty and salvation please listen to the spiritual Sermons on Sadhna TV channel from 7:30 pm IST onwards. To take initiation from Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj please click here to fill the initiation form. One Can download the Book Gyan Ganga for more information.

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