National Human Trafficking Awareness Day 2021: Right Solution for Human Trafficking


January 11 is yearly observed as National Human Trafficking Day while the whole month of January is observed as National Human Trafficking Awareness month. In the year 2011, this observance was commenced by the Presidential Proclamation of National Slavery and Human Trafficking Prevention Month (NSHTPM). Then the former American President Barack Obama handed out Presidential Proclamation, assigning January to be NSHTPM, and the anniversary of this declaration is recognized as National Human Trafficking Awareness Day.

National Human Trafficking Awareness Day 2021: Highlights

  • National Human Trafficking Awareness Day was first observed in 2011
  • Former US President Barak Obama assigned January to be National Slavery and Human Trafficking Month
  • About 2,25,000 people become victims of trafficking every year globally
  • A social media campaign with #HumanTraffickingAwarenessDay and #WearBlueDay is going on to spread the word
  • Wearing the color blue to spread awareness is the theme of National Human Trafficking Awareness Day 2021.
  • According to the United Nations Office of Drugs and Crime, most people are trafficked from Asia to Europe every year
  • Supreme Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj can end Human Trafficking once and for all

Why Is National Human Trafficking Awareness Day Observed?

Contemplated as a modern pattern of slavery, human trafficking is an illicit act that pertains to the use of fraud, force, or coercion to procure sex or labor. Traffickers bait victims by carving false commitments. About 2 lakh 25 thousand people become victims of trafficking globally, according to the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC).

‘From brothels and factories to mines and farms, millions of women, men, and children in the US and around the globe are manipulated for their bodies and their labor. To clear the world from modern slavery we must do everything in our power to battle these infringements of human morality,’ former president Barak Obama said on 2017 National Human Trafficking Awareness month.

National Human Trafficking Awareness Day 2021 Theme

The population can start or join a social media campaign against human trafficking. #HumanTraffickingAwarenessDay can be used to dissipate awareness on social media platforms. One can also contribute to an after-care institution or volunteer with an anti-trafficking institution.

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The theme is to wear blue color to raise awareness about human trafficking and hence it will be a #WearBlueDay. A blue campaign is going to run virtually on social media as well. People have already started spreading awareness about it. 

Human Trafficking Facts and Measures

  1. Every nation in the globe is entailed by human trafficking, as nations of transit origin, or destination – or even all three.
  2. Trafficking often happens from less advanced nations to more advanced nations. Most trafficking is regional or national, but long-distance trafficking does happen.
  3. Europe is the place where victims are trafficked from the broadest range of places, while victims from Asia are trafficked to the broadest range of destinations.
  4. Sexual trafficking is by far the most generally observed form of human trafficking. It is the most apparent. Other methods of exploitation are under-reported.
  5. A disproportionate quantity of women are implicated in human trafficking both as culprits and as victims.
  6. Most trafficking is accomplished by people whose nationality is similar to that of their victim.
  7. Most trafficked forced labor happen in construction, agriculture, catering and restaurants, garments and textiles, domestic work, the expenditure of healthcare services, entertainment, and the sex industry.

What Is Human Trafficking?

Human trafficking can be simplified into three major elements: what is done, how it’s done, and why it’s done — the act, the means, and the purpose. The objective of human trafficking is anyhow exploitation of humans. The techniques for trafficking in individuals include abuse of deception, power, coercion, and threats of or use of force. The real act of trafficking is performed through the recruiting, harboring, transporting, transferring, and receiving of individuals.

What Is the Working Solution?

Only spirituality has working solutions to anything and everything. One only needs to find a true spiritual leader who knows the possible solutions. A true spiritual teacher knows the true way of worship of the Almighty Lord Kabir Saheb. Supreme God is omnipotent, He can do anything and everything, there is nothing impossible for Him. Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj is an enlightened saint, an Incarnation of the Supreme being Himself, and hence has all of His powers as well.

Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj Has the Solution

Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj, the incarnation of Almighty God Kabir is showing the true way of worship that can end all of the sufferings of a true devotee. One only needs to take the Naam Diksha (Initiation) from Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj and offer prayers to Almighty God Kabir.

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