‘A saint’ who is bringing back the dignity of women

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Woman has one of the most important places in the life of a man. Starting from a mother, sister to a wife she plays many roles for a man. But what we are giving to her as a token of her care.
We have slowly moved to a time where girl infanticide became a common news.
We have become accustomed to the news of rapes in newspaper and tv channels which shows their alarming frequency. And what to say about the dowry where a man gets married by taking a large sum of money from her father.
But now a saint has taken the baton to stop such atrocities on women. Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj by the teachings of lord Kabir has achieved success to a good extent. He by his spiritual knowledge led many couples to do dowry-less and simple marriages in 17 minutes known as ‘Rameni’. Because of him, people are now understanding that both a boy and girl are equivalent if they are God-fearing and don’t have any ill habits. So now because of saint Rampal Ji Maharaj we can expect a time when there would be no atrocity on women, when both girl and boy would get equal treatment and when rape would become a history.

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